BeckTV and Providius Work Together to Validate Sophisticated IP Upgrades in Sports and News Facilities

Published: 06 March 2024

BeckTV and Providius Work Together to Validate Sophisticated IP Upgrades in Sports and News Facilities

BeckTV, a premier systems integrator for the broadcast media industry, and Providius, makers of network telemetry software for broadcast media infrastructures, are deploying a selection of Providius software into some of the country’s largest and most sophisticated IP builds in sports venues and prominent network news production facilities. In addition, BeckTV is using the software to validate IP installations for its clients.

There are two Providius products at play: NVRT, or Network Visualization and Realtime Telemetry, and BMG, or Broadcast Media Guard. NVRT manages, monitors, and maintains media networks to ensure the system is running smoothly and to proactively diagnose issues in real time. BMG is an IP media stream analyzer that verifies the quality and integrity of IP media.

Internally, BeckTV is using NVRT and BMG to be more efficient during the commissioning and installation phases of its projects, testing its own designs and validating that systems have been commissioned per industry standards. Beyond that, installing the Providius tools in certain sports and news venues helps ensure a smoother hand-off between BeckTV and its clients, especially for those who might be transitioning from a traditional broadcast system to an IP system. In those cases, broadcast engineers might not be familiar with how to interpret what's going on in the network, and many IT and networking tools aren’t intuitive. The Providius tools provide a simplified, accessible, and easily digestible way for teams to monitor and validate the system when they don't have strong IT backgrounds and aren’t command line interface-proficient.

“When a broadcaster upgrades to IP, it's not easy to find an IT expert who understands multicast, PTP, and all the other details of multimedia. They're in high demand, and they're very expensive. Providius tools fulfill that role, eliminating the need to hire an IT expert in the first place,” said Jamie Horner, Vice President of Product Development and Marketing at Providius. “BeckTV is responsible for some of the most complicated media networks to date, and the company’s decision to employ Providius helps ease each of its client’s transition to IP and helps ensure they will be successful.”

“We’re deploying Providius tools for efficiency, visualization, and validation of an installed system so our clients can be doubly sure their installations are up to par. And clients who have Providius as part of their installation will not only be more self-sufficient as they move into day two support but will be equipped for success in the future,” said Matt Weiss, BeckTV’s Vice President of Business Development. “The Providius engineering team knows intimately the unique challenges that an IP media environment presents. Providius tools provide simple visual dashboards that put all the important information in one place so users don't have to jump around trying to track down problems. That’s why we put so much trust in the company and the software.”




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