Veritone Announces Free Access to Its Flagship Applications for 60 Days

Date: 18/03/2020
Veritone Announces Free Access to Its Flagship Applications for 60 Days

Veritone Inc. (Nasdaq: VERI), the creator of the world's first operating system for artificial intelligence, aiWARE™, today announced that it will extend free access to its core applications — Veritone Essentials, Attribute, and Digital Media Hub — for 60 days. The announcement underscores Veritone's commitment to helping current and future media and entertainment customers not only to maintain business continuity but to actively enhance operations during this challenging time.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has adversely impacted many communities and businesses across the globe. In an effort to stem further spread of the disease, and in consideration of the health and well-being of employees and their families, growing numbers of organizations have asked their employees to work remotely.

Creativity and the ability to proactively problem-solve can lead to unexpected outcomes that may benefit an organization beyond the crisis.

During the COVID-19 crisis, many companies are experiencing lost revenues and business disruption. Veritone's software solutions are just one piece in a large operation; however, they can have a significant positive impact by saving time, reducing costs, and bringing seamless, connected workflows to an organization. The solutions are fully cloud-based, which means that they can be accessed by staff and leveraged from any home office in the world as long as there is internet access.

Targeted to media and entertainment clients in radio, TV, film, sports, and podcasting, Veritone Essentials, Attribute, and Digital Media Hub are designed to make data and content sharing easy, efficient, and universal. The solutions enable any workforce (whether in the office or remote) with powerful tools that accelerate workflows and facilitate collaboration.

At the core of these powerful applications is Veritone's aiWARE, an AI-based operating system that turns media streams into indexed and searchable data in near-real time — opening up lucrative new opportunities for media and entertainment companies to leverage their valuable content.

More information about the free access to Veritone's solutions is available here. Certain limitations apply. Offer is subject to change without notice.

Veritone is available to provide assistance and help users overcome obstacles that remote teams might experience.

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About Veritone
Veritone (Nasdaq: VERI) is a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and solutions. The company's proprietary operating system, aiWARE™, orchestrates an expanding ecosystem of machine learning models to transform audio, video, and other data sources into actionable intelligence. aiWARE can be deployed in a number of environments and configurations to meet customers' needs. Its open architecture enables customers in the media and entertainment, government, and legal and compliance sectors to easily deploy applications that leverage the power of AI to dramatically improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. Veritone is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, and has offices in Denver, London, New York, San Diego, and Seattle. To learn more, visit

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    Veritone AI Technology shown at IBC 2018

Rascular Announces Ross MC1 Channel Branding and Master Control Switcher Helm Control Integration Posted: 26/03/2020
Rascular Announces Ross MC1 Channel Branding and Master Control Switcher Helm Control Integration

Rascular, designers of software-based powerful, customisable control and monitoring applications for third-party, professional video technologies, has today announced the availability of comprehensive software control of Ross’ MC1 family of Channel Branding and Master Control Switchers via its flagship control and monitoring system Helm.

Responding to considerable customer interest, Rascular, using Ross’ powerful and flexible openGear® protocol, can now provide user-defined panel control of Ross’ widely deployed MC1 family. This is a significant addition to Helm’s already extensive third-party technology control capabilities. Helm can access not only a wide range of on-air control functionality – keyers, squeezeback transitions, logos, voiceovers and so on – but also configuration and monitoring information. Users can easily design their own panels, using simple dropdown menus, containing only the functionality they require.




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AJA Corvid Developer Cards Power I O for WASP3D Real-Time Broadcast Graphics Posted: 25/03/2020
AJA Corvid Developer Cards Power I O for WASP3D and rsquo;s Real-Time Broadcast Graphics

From breaking news, elections and politics, to the latest live coverage of eSports gaming tournaments and sporting events, WASP3D is a leading global provider of end-to-end real-time broadcast graphics solutions for live production workflows. Headquartered in New Delhi with offices located around the world, WASP3D’s technology solutions seamlessly integrate real-time broadcast graphics for livestreaming, OTT, television and professional AV workflows, with hundreds of installations in more than 40 countries globally. Visually enriched elements including augmented reality graphics, virtual sets, touch screen presentations and video wall graphics using design, data integration, management and automation tools are developed for clients via custom installation packages with AJA Corvid 88, Corvid 44, and Corvid 24 I/O cards at the core.

In WASP3D’s live production workflows, each Corvid card hosts up to eight simultaneous input and output streams, making the cards an ideal solution for graphics playout servers and channel-in-a-box systems. Corvid provides workflow flexibility with multi-format I/O support and configurable input and output sources for separate fill and key channels. AJA’s open SDK allows for custom Corvid control to align with graphic playout server requirements. Leveraging AJA’s video I/O expertise with Corvid, WASP3D saves money and produces integrated products for market quicker than competitors.

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NUGENs Surround Mix is Essential to Audio Post-Production for Todays Evolving Media Posted: 25/03/2020
NUGENs Surround Mix is Essential to Audio Post-Production for Todays Evolving Media

NUGEN Audio’s Surround Suite offers a complete set of tools forupmixing, downmixing and multi-channel sound reshaping for the production market. Featuring the company’s Halo Downmix, Halo Upmix, ISL True Peak limiter and SEQ-S match and morph EQ software, NUGEN’s Surround Suite is perfect for both movie and television productions.

“We take pride in tailoring our products to the specific needs of audio professionals working in TV and film, enabling them to accomplish their full creative vision in a time- and results-oriented manner,” says Paul Tapper, CEO, NUGEN Audio. “Surround Suite delivers all the control necessary to define, enhance and fine-tune a surround mix. As a result, it gives users access to precise and tweakable downmixing (Halo Downmix) and coherent and natural upmixing, from stereo to 5.1 and 7.1 (Halo Upmix). They can also take advantage of the suite’s True Peak limiting (ISL) and linear phase EQ (SEQ-S).”

NUGEN’s Surround Suite offers full access to surround balances, clear visual feedback and individual surround channel access. The toolkit also allows users to regulate low frequency content and fine-tune surround mixes, without the possibility of phase warping.

Included among the NUGEN Surround Suite is Halo Downmix, which complements any post-production workflow. Using precise surround control, mix monitoring and versatile downmix balancing, Downmix helps to accelerate productivity on surround mixes. Typically considered the final piece of a production workflow, Halo Downmix allows users to easily deliver projects in both stereo and surround formats without compromise.

Somewhat of a ‘parent’ software to Downmix, NUGEN’s Halo Upmix is also included in the Surround Suite. With unique center-channel management and switchable dialog extraction, Upmix is perfect for everything from archive restoration and TV, through 7.1 feature films. With surround delivery requirement becoming increasingly common, Halo Upmix offers an indispensable tool for Dolby Atmos, Aura 3D and Ambisonic productions. A 3D immersive audio option is also available.



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Spectra Logic Announces SpectraLIVE, a Virtual Conference and Executive Meeting Programme to Help Customers Maintain Business Continuity Posted: 25/03/2020
Spectra Logic Announces SpectraLIVE, a Virtual Conference and Executive Meeting Programme to Help Customers Maintain Business Continuity

Spectra Logic, a leader in data storage and data management solutions, today announced that it will provide customers and partners with several virtual opportunities to connect and engage with Spectra leadership and product managers during this unique time of global uncertainty. With customers and partners in mind, Spectra has developed SpectraLIVE, a virtual conference and executive meeting platform, alongside its monthly webinar series, to help organisations maintain business continuity and make decisions related to managing, accessing and preserving their vital data.


“Keeping our employees, customers and partners around the world safe is our highest priority as we deal with the challenges posed by COVID-19,” said Betsy Doughty, vice president of corporate marketing for Spectra Logic. “To that end, we have proactively put together some unique virtual offerings so that we can continue to provide the highest level of engagement and support for our Spectra customers and partners. While the coronavirus outbreak presents new hurdles for the way we do business, we want to do all we can to keep organisations operating as efficiently and securely as possible during this time.”


With most industry shows cancelled and countries and organisations restricting employee travel, Spectra will be producing a virtual conference to enable interaction, education and engagement between customers, partners and Spectra executives. The event will take place on Tuesday, May 12, 2020, and will enable attendees to ‘walk the floor’ by hearing about the latest market trends, learning about Spectra solutions, asking questions, sharing feedback, watching product demonstrations, and meeting with Spectra executives. Spectra will be recording this for our SpectraLIVE library, so visitors can attend one or all presentations live or on-demand at their convenience.

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Bitmovin launches its virtual NAB to showcase the future of video streaming Posted: 25/03/2020
Bitmovin launches its virtual NAB to showcase the future of video streaming

Bitmovin, a world leader in innovative cloud-based video streaming solutions, has announced its ‘Bitmovin Live: NAB Edition’ will take place between 13th - 24th April. The fully-fledged virtual experience will bring the action of NAB Show from Las Vegas to the cloud in the form of lab sessions, partner pop-ups and webinars. Attendees will also see live demos of Bitmovin’s innovative portfolio of solutions including Encoding, Player, and Analytics and learn how they are delivering cutting-edge online entertainment experiences to audiences around the world.


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Edgeware adds automated QoE optimization to its multi-CDN control platform StreamPilot Posted: 25/03/2020
Edgeware adds automated QoE optimization to its multi-CDN control platform StreamPilot

Edgeware has today announced the addition of its automated optimization capability to its multi-CDN control platform StreamPilot. Referred to as AutoPilot, the feature gives broadcasters and content providers the option to automatically perform actions triggered by StreamPilot’s real-time session data when using a multi-CDN set-up

StreamPilot, which was launched at IBC in September 2019, has raised significant customer interest and rendered several trial projects. Insights from these customer discussions are now channelized into the new AutoPilot capabilities.

The AutoPilot feature identifies and automatically presents a unified view of problems that could affect users’ quality of experience, independent of which CDN is delivering the TV service to the viewer. The issues presented can be related to the device, delivery CDN, ISP or the content itself. The data is processed, grouped and presented with a classification on severity level.

By giving users the unique capability to automatically – or manually – mitigate the problems through actions such as selecting another CDN for the delivery, StreamPilot meets a growing demand from broadcasters and content providers to automatically optimize delivery, rather than presenting the data for them to then analyse and act upon.

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Bryan Sol Aponte Takes DPA Microphones Back to the 80s on the Set of Mixed-ish Posted: 25/03/2020
Bryan and lsquo;Sol and rsquo; Aponte Takes DPA Microphones Back to the 80s on the Set of Mixed-ish

Veteran Sound Mixer Bryan “Sol” Aponte relies on DPA Microphones4061 Miniature Omnidirectional Mic to capture the hilarious and witty dialogue of one of the network’s top sitcoms, mixed-ish. Aponte’s 20-year history in the industry features an impressive resume that includes two Emmy nominations and credits on MADtv, Workaholics, American Gangster, The Young and the Restless and Splitting up Together. He recently swapped out his previous lavaliers for the 4061s because of the impressive, natural sound quality these DPA mics provide.

“I’ve been using the DPA lavs for a year now and I absolutely love them,” says Aponte. “My audio utility, the legendary Nick Carbone, first introduced me to them—he spoke so highly of DPA microphones in comparison to other manufacturers’ solutions. When I first tested the 4061s, I fell in love with them and immediately replaced my inventory of lavaliers with DPAs. The presence boost on the 4061s not only sounds natural, but you can place them almost anywhere on talent and capture great sound.”

The decision to switch to DPA was an easy one for Aponte. “Prior to using DPA mics, I really didn’t know what I was missing, but after using them for a year, I feel like they are far superior,” he adds. “Once I heard the mics and did side-by-side comparisons with other manufacturers, I knew I couldn’t afford not to use DPA. The 4061s don’t create microphonic noise—a challenge that I’ve faced with other brands—and they take my mixing game to the next level.”

With a capsule designed with a double vent protection system and moisture resistant materials, the 4061 miniature lavalier features a condenser element with a frequency and sensitivity response that will accurately reproduce audio signals from the human voice. Additionally, Aponte appreciates the added benefits he receives from DPA’s concealer clip, designed specifically for the 4061. “The concealer clip has helped me to solve an issue with which I have long struggled—clothing rustle, which is every mixer’s worst nightmare and a challenge we are constantly trying to overcome,” he explains. “Since incorporating DPA into the mix, that problem is nearly non-existent; they are a game changer.”

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AVIWEST Unveils New RACK Series Video Encoders for Live Contribution and Remote At-Home Production Posted: 25/03/2020
AVIWEST Unveils New RACK Series Video Encoders for Live Contribution and Remote At-Home Production

AVIWEST, a global provider of video contribution systems, today announced its new RACK Series, the next generation of the company's video contribution encoder set to be released this summer. By integrating a best-in-class hardware H.265/HEVC encoder as well as an H.264/AVC encoder into a compact platform, the RACK Series is designed for space-constrained live production, including contribution applications and multicamera remote/at-home productions.

"As broadcasters aim to deliver superior-quality video content for live events, data costs are spiraling out of control," said Samuel Fleischhacker, senior product manager at AVIWEST. "The RACK Series features a next-generation encoder that is extremely powerful, significantly reducing the bit rates typically associated with broadcasting high-quality video in real time over bonded cellular and the public internet."

The RACK Series is designed to be deployed in fixed locations and directly connected on wired IP networks, offering a real cost-effective alternative to satellite or fiber. In addition, the RACK Series can be used on vans or trucks and connected to a roof-mounted AVIWEST QUAD CellLink 3G/4G antenna or KA satellite transmitter, enabling video broadcast from any location around the world, even in the midst of unpredictable and unmanaged network conditions.

Equipped with a user-friendly, intuitive touch screen, the unit supports multiple operational modes including live, record, live and record, file forward, and data hot spot for high-speed internet connectivity. All of these operations are possible in only two taps on the touch screen. The brand-new RACK Series also features a SIP-based intercom to simplify communications between the master control room on the broadcaster premises and remote operators in the field. Another key benefit of the RACK hybrid encoder is its video return function. In less than one second, it enables remote crews to receive the on-air feed from the studio, receive teleprompting information, and ensure the live stream is being delivered properly.

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Outdoor Sport Channel chooses Globecast for worldwide distribution of content Posted: 25/03/2020
Outdoor Sport Channel chooses Globecast for worldwide distribution of content

Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, has announced a multi-year partnership with United Kingdom/Netherlands-based Outdoor Sport Channel for the worldwide distribution of its HD and 4K content to MVPDs (multichannel video programming distributors) and as the exclusive distributor in the US. The deal includes the distribution of the linear channel and video-on-demand content on all platforms including CATV, DTH, IPTV, OTT and smart TVs for North America, South America, Europe, the Russian Federation, Asia-Pacific, and exclusively in the US.

Globecast is a leading provider of both content aggregation and end-to-end media delivery for network programming from around the globe. Globecast is a preferred content provider to most US major MVPDs with direct and dedicated fiber feeds from its broadcast center in Culver City, CA. This latest deal further adds to Globecast’s growing Content Acquisition, Aggregation, & Distribution (CAAD) business.

Henk van Meer, Founder & CEO of Outdoor Sport Channel® commented, “In order to further maximize our worldwide distribution, we teamed up with Globecast as they are the ideal partner to help us ‘go global’ because that is what they do best. Globecast understands today’s operator and TV audience needs and we are keen to market, offer, and sell our channel to each and any distributing operator on the planet with a long-term vision.”

Outdoor Sport Channel® HD is an international, 24-hour global sports television networkfeaturing a vast array of outdoor, action, summer, winter sports and sports news. It distributes its HD programming worldwide via CATV, DTH satellite, IPTV, OTT, broadcast over IP, VOD, and mobile platforms.

“This distribution agreement demonstrates our value in delivering content to all types of operator platforms and our ability to partner with quality programmers to extend their reach to distributors globally. We’re eager to be working with Outdoor Sport Channel® to bring its exciting and unique international sports content to the world. It continues to affirm our successful approach to our CAAD business line,” said Berto Guzman, VP, Head of Content Acquisition, Aggregation and Distribution for Globecast Americas.

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Switch Media Partners with SpringServe to Enable Effective OTT Monetization Posted: 25/03/2020
Switch Media Partners with SpringServe to Enable Effective OTT Monetization

Switch Media, a world leader in online video technology, has partnered with SpringServe, a leading US-based independent ad platform provider whose technology is purpose-built for video and OTT. Switch Media’s server-side ad insertion (SSAI) technology has been fully integrated with SpringServe’s ad platform to provide value-added services to OTT providers.

OTT companies that require dynamic ad insertion (DAI) also need an ad server. DAI enriches the current ad inventory – creating more addressable non-cookie-based advertising opportunities. SpringServe’s advertising platform integrated with Switch Media’s SSAI capability helps content owners to monetize their inventory effectively. Using the combined solution means that no additional time is required to test and validate integration. Users have the flexibility to add new data and features to drive targeting and additional platforms can easily be added using a centralized solution.


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ASG Strengthens Los Angeles Sales, Service Efforts with Industry Veteran Team of Kym Cannon and Kelli Clark Posted: 24/03/2020
ASG Strengthens Los Angeles Sales, Service Efforts with Industry Veteran Team of Kym Cannon and Kelli Clark

Advanced Systems Group (ASG), a leading media technology and engineering firm, today announced it has added the team of Kymberly Cannon and Kelli Clark to enhance sales and service efforts across Southern California. Cannon, a regional sales manager, and Clark, a solutions engineer, worked together at Quantum before joining ASG earlier this month.

Before Clark was a solutions architect at Quantum, she served for 23 years as the senior SAN/fiber channel architect and supervising engineer for 20th Century Fox, and also held technical roles for Pixar Animation Studios and Skywalker Sound. Cannon spent seven years as a regional sales manager for Quantum, often partnering with ASG on top strategic accounts. Previously, she was an account manager for Dell EMC/Isilon, HP, CommVault, and HDS.

While ASG has been an established media and entertainment service provider in Los Angeles for almost a decade, the company also supports high-end corporate video clients representing a diverse group of industries in the region. The Los Angeles office is led by Andy Darcy, who relocated to the market in 2018 after previously handling business development for ASG’s New York-based operations.

“This was a rare opportunity to recruit a successful industry team to our Los Angeles operations,” said Dave Van Hoy, president of ASG. “With Kym and Kelli, we look forward to building our customer base across a number of vertical markets, growing our Managed Services efforts, and continuing to lead with service across Southern California.”

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VuWall Responds to COVID-19 With Free Visualization Tool to Help Coordinators on the Front Lines Posted: 24/03/2020
VuWall Responds to COVID-19 With Free Visualization Tool to Help Coordinators on the Front Lines

As the current situation caused by COVID-19 remains fluid, managing the overflow of information has become a complex challenge. VuWall is looking to partner with those who are on the front lines working to keep communities safe and healthy by offering its VuWall2 visualization tool as a free download, allowing organizations to create a temporary video wall solution.

"In this time of crisis, coordination teams within municipalities, newsrooms, and healthcare facilities are actively monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and managing response efforts. These decision-makers need to access all kinds of information in order to make fast decisions and share information with their colleagues and in some cases, the public," said Paul Vander Plaetse, CEO at VuWall. "We hope that by offering our VuWall2 for no cost as a way to create a temporary emergency video wall control center, we can aid key organizations in managing this influx of data and help keep people informed. We want to assist as many organizations as possible, which is why we will be offering first come, first served setup and support."

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FOR-A Delivers Video Switcher Integration with and nbsp;Technology Partners for Live Production Solutions Posted: 24/03/2020
FOR-A Delivers Video Switcher Integration with and nbsp;Technology Partners for Live Production Solutions

FOR-A Corporation of America has built integrated live production solutions that combine its HANABI series of video switchers with Variant Systems Group replay systems, ClassX graphics and playout software, ODYSSEY Insight video servers, and Brainstorm Multimedia virtual studios.

“Together with our technology partners, FOR-A is creating live production systems that make integration easier and more reliable,” said Ken Truong, President of FOR-A Corporation of America. “With the combined expertise from these companies across the professional video industry, we can offer best-of-breed solutions that improve workflows while delivering broadcast-quality results for HD, 4K, and beyond.”

Variant’s Envivo Replay offers a cost-effective sports and live event replay solution, with an intuitive user interface and continuous multiple iso-channel recording capabilities. It offers simultaneous clip storage of multiple angles, playlists for highlights playback, built-in branding capabilities, and direct publishing to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms. FOR-A is the exclusive distributor of Envivo Replay in North America.

FOR-A – the exclusive distributor of ClassX in North, Central and South America – also combines the latest ClassX real-time 2D/3D HD/4K CG and live motion broadcast graphics and playout solutions with its HANABI video switchers. An expansion I/O card for HVS-100, HVS-490, and HVS-2000 production switchers enables a close integration of the ClassX graphic playout from any HANABI video switcher directly by the switcher operator. ClassX’s real-time graphics playout software suite is popular with TV channels, news broadcasters, live event productions, and live sports productions.

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Polar Graphics announces product support and technical sales appointments Posted: 24/03/2020
Polar Graphics announces product support and technical sales appointments

Polar Graphics, a UK leading distributor for the broadcast, post and pro-AV industries, has announced the appointments of Alexandros Galanos and Christopher Stone to further enhance ongoing business growth.

Galanos joins Polar Graphics as a product support specialist with responsibility for providing technical liaison with resellers and end users as well as support for product demos. Prior to Polar Graphics, Galanos was at Tyrell as a senior engineer with extensive experience in technical auditing, installation, workflow design, and technical support.

Stone takes on the role of technical sales manager, responsible for advising resellers and end users of the best product fit from the Polar Graphics product range for their specific workflow and providing full, first-hand guidance through the entire purchase process. Before his arrival at Polar Graphics, Stone was EMEA and APAC director of business development for XenData Ltd.

Polar Graphics Managing Director Peter Rowsell said, “Alexdandros and Christopher are seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of industry experience to their respective roles and I am delighted to welcome them both. The hands-on knowledge and decades of experience they possess will be of great benefit to our customers and is a clear indication of the ongoing expansion of Polar Graphics’ business.”

Galanos said, “Polar Graphics has a long and enviable reputation as a first-class distributor, and I look forward to using what I know to the benefit of the company and its customers.”

Stone echoed Galanos, saying, “With 40 years of experience around the broadcast world, I believe I am very well-placed to guide Polar Graphics customers, traditional and new, through a process that identifies the best product fits for their operation and, even more specifically, for their world region.”

Both appointments are effective immediately.

Tags: Polar Graphics | Appointment | Alexandros Galanos | Christopher Stone | Reseller | Distributor | AV | Broadcast | Post Poroduction
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Vionlabs launches Emotional Fingerprint API to provide media companies with powerful AI driven decision making Posted: 24/03/2020
Vionlabs launches Emotional Fingerprint API to provide media companies with powerful AI driven decision making

Vionlabs announces the launch of Emotional Fingerprint API, a cloud-based solution that enables media companies to make better decisions based on deep AI generated video data and insights. The cloud-based solution is easily integrated with existing workflows throughout the entire video acquisition, production and distribution chain. Emotional Fingerprint API provides a significant advantage in areas such as determining acquisition and production strategies, personalized UI and video recommendations, as well as enabling intriguing opportunities in advertising.

Emotional Fingerprint API provides deeper analysis and data by measuring thousands of factors throughout the duration of the video, including colors, pace, audio, object recognition and many more variables to produce an AI-derived fingerprint timeline, frame-by-frame, that represents the emotional structure of content that the industry needs to empower its decision making.

“By providing powerful video data and insight as a service we’re making it so much easier for media organisations to utilize the deepest video knowledge presently available,” says Marcus Bergström, CEO, Vionlabs. “Our first solution Content Analysis Platform solves the important issue of content recommendation and personalization. However, we also want to open up the possibility to provide great data and insights, without deciding where and how media companies should apply it. With the launch of our cloud-based Emotional Fingerprint API, our customers can deploy our data and insights with their existing recommendation and personalization workflows, but importantly can now apply it in any and every part of their business that can be helped by the deepest understanding of video content at scale.”

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