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KitPlus TV: Whiteboard Wednesday with nxtedition

Today we're talking with Adam Leah from nxtedition about Whiteboard Wednesday. This is their ‘How To’ guide for all things nxtedition. Short, relevant and informative. Join them live on LinkedIn each Wednesday at midday (GMT)

00:00:16 What is Whiteboard Wednesday?
00:01:27 What makes then different to other webinars?
00:02:04 Is there a back catalogue?
00:02:35 What are the topics covered so far?
00:04:45 Are you predicting the future?
00:05:40 What is the barrier in moving to the future? Skills or budget?
00:06:38 Can the community suggest topics to discuss?
00:07:28 When did the Broadcast industry become the IT industry?
00:09:08 Why call it Whiteboard Wednesday....? mmmm tough question :-)

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