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KitPlus TV: What is the difference in paying for KitPlus advertising with credits or pay as you go?

So if you’re advertising items for sale then, unless you are a dealer with a kitplus agreement, then you’ll need to pay us something. This is all you will pay though, there is no commission or anything else once the advert is online and active.

You can pay as you go, this means you add your item and pay with credit card or paypal. That’s it – quite easy and typically around £15 per advert with an image for 90 days. You can pay more for advert enhancements of course.

If you have more than a few items to sell or are a regular seller then you can buy credits. Think of these as our currency. You buy the credits and they stay on your account until you use them, it does reduce the cost of advertising and makes it more convenient to add the advert and add on enhancements. We have a handy credits calculator where you can insert how many adverts you have and it will tell you the how many credits you need to buy and the cost, you can then compare against the pay as you go option.

Check out for more information and for the calculator just log in and press BUY CREDITS and you’ll see the price lists.

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