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KitPlus TV: Philip Bloom and Alister Chapman discuss why buying the right video camera IS important

They don't agree on everything (as you'll discover) but when we asked Philip and Alister what they'd like to chat about at the KitPlus Show here's what they said…

Philip Bloom
How long we got?! The key thing for me is the overuse and obsession with the term "cinema camera" with people insisting on calling every large sensor video camera a cinema camera. 
Everything from a Blackmagic Pocket 4K, GH5 upwards is capable of producing images which are more than enough for professional applications. What we need to get down to, and what you really should be looking for, is the camera that is right for YOU!

Alister Chapman
There isn't a single large sensor camera on the market that can make great pictures in the right hands. 
Right now I'm trying to get prospective buyers to look beyond the spec sheets, numbers and hype and firstly understand what the
numbers mean and then more importantly consider what do they need their camera choice to deliver. I see people that shoot news rushing to buy full frame cameras and then struggling to find suitable wide range zoom lenses - but they feel they need full frame but are unable to explain why that is other than - it's what the internet and the marketing people says.

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