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KitPlus TV: OWNZONES Connect Platform with Deep Analysis, Task Management, and Search Service

Jon Pratchett is joined by Peter Artmont, Director of Product Management, and talks about the updates to the OWNZONES Connect platform which include Deep Analysis, Task Management, and Search Service.

OWNZONES developed Deep Analysis, an AI-driven tool within Connect, to save content companies time and money. Deep Analysis automates compliance editing, localization editing, and QC procedures, which traditionally take significant time because operators need to watch the full content length in order to identify scenes or clips that need to be adjusted. Deep Analysis scans content so operators can better understand its layout and formatting, automatically locating scene changes, color bars, blacks, texted scenes, and essences without users having to watch the files back in real-time. This information is presented in an easy-to-understand graphic interface, and operators can save scanned content to reuse in future projects.

Connect's new Task Management service allows organization admins to have granular control over user roles and permissions as well as task trafficking. Now, organizations can assign specific tasks to the relevant users, whether those are internal stakeholders or external vendors, without granting them full access to the entire platform or organization's assets. Requesting and completing tasks is now baked into the system, and personalized dashboards help individual users track what tasks have been completed and what's left to do. Users don't have to leave Connect to track and complete tasks—it all resides on the same platform in the cloud.

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