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KitPlus TV: Mediaproxy LogServer now available on an OPEX per-use-basis

Mediaproxy, the leading developer of software-based IP broadcast solutions, is targeting the growing area of 'pop-up' television and streaming channels by offering its flagship LogServer system as a flexible OPEX option. The compliance logging and monitoring platform is now available for short-term rental to broadcasters covering a special event or creating additional, temporary services.

On the show today is Raj Patel to tell us everything we need to know!

00:00:31 How is this model beneficial to Broadcasters?
00:01:37 Do users get full access still?
00:02:59 What capture hardware needs to be in place?
00:03:57 When is it available?
00:04:47 Will we see you at NAB?

KitPlus TV is supported by Mediaproxy, the global leader in compliance and logging solutions.

Do check out or search for KitPlus in your podcast directory to listen to Raj on the move.

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