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KitPlus TV: KitPlus Daily 5th May with Jamie Adkin discussing KVM ADDERLink Infinity and ADDERView Secure range

Welcome to the KitPlus Daily with news today from Polygon Labs and their two work at home service initiatives, Creative Hub and Training Lab plus news that the DPP has partnered with Signiant to launch a four-month research project into the development of remote and distributed working across the media industry during the coronavirus pandemic. Also in the news we report on the latest software released from Disguise loaded with powerful enhancements to help its community make their best work from home and create immersive visual experiences for remote audiences.

Special guest today is Jamie Adkin from ADDER Technology (well known for their KVM solutions of course) where we discuss the ADDERLink INFINITY 3000 and the ADDERView Secure range.

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