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KitPlus TV: ISE 2024 Content Production & Distribution Summit with Ciaran Doran

The Content Production & Distribution Summit, 31st January, ISE2024, Barcelona Fira

The Content Production & Distribution Summit will explore how brands and broadcast organisations are coming together to use more efficient tools such as virtual studios, augmented reality and streaming to unleash the power of their stories to the world.

From a technology point of view we are living in the age of convergence, there is no ‘broadcast’, just eyeballs (and money) and the money moves where the eyes move. The new breed of AV Broadcaster is communicating directly with millions of consumers and buyers, no longer limited by geography or technology, only their imagination.

With the subtitle "Brands: the new broadcasters" this Summit is aimed at corporate organisations, brands and advertising agencies as well as broadcasters, podcasters and video influencers. Speakers include tier 1 broadcast manufacturers and production facilities, industry analysts from both broadcast and proAV, film producers, story telling experts and AI specialists, movers & shakers from virtual production with exciting case studies and one of Europe’s top experts on broadcast streaming. The summit will examine how creativity and new technologies are now being combined to offer new methods of not just creating material and distributing to consumers but engaging directly and exciting them.

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