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KitPlus TV: Is your wireless still legal, Digital RF for Broadcast and location sound explored

This session was recorded at the KitPlus Show in MediaCityUK on 6th July 2021 and supported by Pebble, brilliantly delivering world class automation, playout and management solutions to the broadcast community.

In this session Dave Phillips and Stuart Moots will guide you through the latest wireless spectrum update and discover if your wireless is still legal post May 2021. They will also look at the role Digital RF now plays in Broadcast and location sound with breakthrough RF performance and wide tuning.

And to finish this session you'll learn some interesting facts since Mr Shure started his company in 1925 from their first compressor microphone, the Model 42, in 1933 to where they are today!

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KitPlus TV is supported by Mediaproxy, the global leader in compliance and logging solutions.

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