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KitPlus TV: How to advertise equipment for sale on KitPlus

This video will guide you through advertising an item for sale on KitPlus, I’m going to assume you have registered and you’ve logged into your kitplus account, if you’re not then check out the other videos that process if you’re not sure.

Once logged in on the main menu you will see MY KITPLUS and wherever you are that will bring you back to the home screen of options. Press Add an Advert and this opens up the form. Please note the Manufacturer and Model number fields will not be editable when you save and pay for this advert so please check spelling and terminology.

There are no exact rules but most people tend to advertise their items without vat or tax added. If this will apply to the final sale price then do mention it in the long description. Don’t forget this is a classified listing site so there will always be some communication between buyer and seller before the sale completes.

For images then drag them into the box and then click START UPLOAD, the first image is included in the cost and you can pay a small fee for extra images. The enhancements further down have a ? next to each one that gives more information.

You can then either preview the advert or just press SAVE. If you preview you will have the chance to add another and so on. You will ten see the adverts in a list format. On the top left of the image is a tick box to perform actions. Tick this and then select the action you might want followed by APPLY.

You advert is live immediately on the site, if you can not see the image you uploaded then please check you do not have an adblocker turned on, is it only your image you can’t see or all images on the site? Adblocker is the most common reason for not being able to see images and you can check your browser settings to allow these to be shown from

Buyers will contact you directly via the kitplus message system so please whitelist – for those wondering what tv-bay is then that was the original name for the website and is still the legal entity limited company.

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