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$42,000.00 ONO

For Sale: Yamaha Rivage Pm5 CS-R5

RIVAGE PM5 Mixing System (Now with free worldwide shipping)

Yamaha Rivage Pm5 CS-R5 - image #1

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Condition: New

Category: Mixers

Published: 10-04-2024

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Listed By: Private Seller

Location: Canada

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All new Yamaha Rivage Pm5 System. Comes with

(1) DSP-RX Card,

(1) Dante HY144-D-SRC,

(2) Rio3224D2,

(1) DSP RX-EX Engine. 

The CS-R5 control surface is the core component of RIVAGE PM5 system, with 96 kHz processing. The console has three touch screen and 12-faders bays for flexible setup and configuration.Touch panels are brought closer to the user, making them easier to reach. The weight is 42kg which is incredibly light. 


  • Fader configuration: 38 (12+12+12+2) faders.
  • Touch Screen: 15″ x 3
  • Local I/O: 8 in, 8 out.
  • Yamaha’s industry-standard Selected Channel concept, providing direct access to parameters of any channel selected via its SEL key.
  • Up to 8 RPio units can be connected to each TWINLANe ring. (Maximum 16 units in one RIVAGE PM system)
  • Up to 48 Rio units can be mounted in one RIVAGE PM system.
  • Up to 2 DSP engine units can be connected within one RIVAGE PM system.
  • Up to 2 control surfaces can be connected within one RIVAGE PM system.
  • Seamlessly integrated remote control and offline editing via computer software.
  • Wireless remote control of a RIVAGE PM system is possible via an iPad app.
  • Individual wireless MIX/MATRIX mixing can be simultaneously performed by up to 10 different iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Android devices.
  • Data exchangeable using Console File Converter.
  • Direct 2-track recording to standard USB flash drives, or serious multitrack recording to a DAW via Dante.
  • Multitrack recordings can be used for “virtual sound check” when the performers aren’t available.
  • Expansion Slots: MY Slots: 2
  • GPI Interface: 8-in/8-out
  • Other features: comprehensive Fader Bank section with recallable custom banks, editable channel names and colors, user defined keys and user defined knobs, 1000 scene memories, input and output delays, ample EQ and dynamics processing, 24 DCA groups, 12 mute groups, multiple user defined key and knob, and more.
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 1444 x 414 x 643 mm
  • Net weight: 42 kg

Additional information

DSP Engine


Control Surface



15" touch panel x 3

Fader Bays

12-faders x 3 bays

Selected channels

Dynamics, GAIN, HPF, EQ, PAN, Function Knob

Channel Encoder


Channel Name / Color Display


Custom Fader Banks

Yes (6 x 5 on each bay)

User Defined Keys

12 (x 4 banks)

User Defined Knobs

3 (4 x 4 banks can be assigned)

Touch and Turn Knobs

Yes (3)

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