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For Sale: Yamaha QL5 System (incl. Rio3224 D2)

Yamaha QL5 Digital Mixing Console with Rio3224-D2 - A Comprehensive Audio Solution

Yamaha QL5 System (incl. Rio3224 D2) - image #1

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Condition: Used

Category: Mixers

Published: 25-04-2024

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Listed By: Private Seller

Location: Israel

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Step into the realm of professional audio with the Yamaha QL5 Digital Mixing Console, paired with the Rio3224-D2 I/O rack. This combination offers unmatched sound quality and versatility, perfect for live sound, broadcasting, and recording applications.


Key Features of Yamaha QL5:

1. 32 + 2 Fader Configuration: Provides extensive control and flexibility.

2. 64 Mono + 8 Stereo Mix Channels: Ensures ample channels for complex productions.

3. Internal Dante Networking: Facilitates seamless digital audio networking.

4. Premium Rack Effects: Comes with a wide range of built-in effects.

5. 16 DCA Groups: For efficient channel management.

6. Touchscreen Display: Offers intuitive control and navigation.

7. Scene Memory: Allows for quick recall of mixer configurations.

8. Port-to-Port Routing: Ensures flexible signal routing.

9. Built-in Dan Dugan Automixer: Great for managing multiple live microphones.

10. Multi-track Recording: Direct-to-drive recording and playback.


Key Features of Rio3224-D2:

1. High-Quality Mic Preamps: Ensures pristine audio capture.

2. 32 Inputs / 24 Outputs: Offers extensive I/O options.

3. Redundant Power Supply: Ensures reliability and uptime.

4. Dante Network Compatibility: Seamless integration with the QL5 and other Dante devices.

5. Remote Control Capability: Via Yamaha CL/QL series consoles.


Top 20 Benefits:

1. Exceptional Sound Quality: Delivers crystal-clear audio for all applications.

2. Highly Versatile: Ideal for live events, studio recording, and broadcasting.

3. User-Friendly Interface: Ensures quick learning and ease of use.

4. Expandable I/O: Meets the demands of various event sizes.

5. Robust Networking Capabilities: Easy integration into existing audio networks.

6. Efficient Workflow: Speeds up setup and breakdown times.

7. Advanced Scene Management: Facilitates complex productions.

8. Reliable Performance: Trusted in critical live sound situations.

9. Compact and Portable: Ideal for venues with space constraints.

10. Remote Operation: Offers flexibility in control.

11. Multi-Tracking Capability: Perfect for live recording and post-production.

12. Scalable System: Grows with your needs.

13. Seamless Digital Integration: Works well with digital audio systems.

14. Comprehensive Monitoring Options: For precise audio control.

15. Intuitive Touchscreen Control: Enhances user experience.

16. Detailed Sound Shaping: With integrated EQs and dynamics.

17. Dual Power Supply: For uninterrupted performance.

18. Cost-Effective: Offers professional features at an affordable price.

19. Durable Build Quality: Ensures long-term reliability.

20. Consistent Updates: Yamaha’s commitment to firmware and software updates.


Special Offer:

Free Shipping Worldwide: Complimentary shipping included, delivered anywhere across the globe.

Charity Contribution: All proceeds will be donated to a charity in Bethlehem, Israel, supporting those in need.


Don’t miss this opportunity to own a high-quality, versatile Yamaha QL5 with Rio3224-D2. Enhance your audio experience while contributing to a noble cause.

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