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For Sale: Lawo mc²96 post production AoIP system

LAWO mc²96 post production AoIP System


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Condition: Used

Category: Mixers

Published: 10-04-2024

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Listed By: Private Seller

Location: Canada

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This high end production console for broadcast, live, tv, radio, recording & studio is one of the best high quality consoles currently available on the second hand market. Operated by institutional client (available from Nov 25, 2023)
For the continental United States & Canada shipping incoterm ddp is inclusive.
The system consists of :

1x Lawo mc²96 3d generation (manufactured in 2020) (16+24c+32 fader, expandable up to 200 faders)
1x Lawo mc²96 console stand
**Lawo mc²96 Details**
PURE, PRECISE, PEERLESS. With the mc²96, the mc² platform is pushed beyond limitations, culminating in a pure, unparalleled audio production tool dedicated to those who can tell the difference. Whether its intended to be used in broadcast, theater or recording – in each of these applications it stands out with a unique set of features. The mc²96 provides optimized performance within IP video production environments with native SMPTE 2110 support. In addition to standard channel labeling via channel numbers, individual text labels and static pictures or icons, the mc²96 also features LiveView™ video thumbnails for even more intuitive channel identification. Simply touch a fader and the LiveView™ thumbnail changes to full-screen mode, providing a more detailed view of that channel’s video source such as a camera or a replay machine.
The mc² 96 console is not just a stand-alone solution, but has been designed from the ground up for networking in complex production infrastructures via IP (SMPTE2110 / RAVENNA/AES67 / DANTE) or MADI. When using shared DALLIS I/Os, Lawo’s unique IP-Share™ Network Gain Compensation prevents unexpected gain changes for up to eight networked consoles when individual users are adjusting their gain settings. The DALLIS I/O communicates with all networked consoles and its unique IP-Share™ algorithm sets the optimum analog gain for multi-client requirements. Furthermore IP-Share™ ensures that the corresponding gain compensation is applied to the digital gain stages of all consoles when the analog gain of the preamp is being adjusted.
* Legendary quality 100mm faders known from Lawo’s mc2 90 series
* 21.5“ full hd touch-screens, color-TFTs in channel strips and touch-sensitive color-coded encoders
* Extended free controls with direct access to six parameters in addition to gain
* Designed for multi-user operation
* LiveView™ Video Labels
* IP-Share™ Gain Compensation
* Parallel “New York” Compression
* Superb tools for surround and 3D / immersive sound mixing
* Automated mixing assistants incl. Automix, Audio-follow-Video, Downmix, AMBIT Upmix and KICK 2.0
* Integrated Loudness Metering
* Integrated RTW TM9 Goniometer
* Comprehensive Local I/O
* Fanless design
* Selective Recall
* Oversnaps (relative trim-sets)
* Comprehensive theater automation cue list including multiple triggers (MIDI, GPIO, LTC, ...)
* Waves SoundGrid® Integration
* Neumann DMI-8® digital microphone integration
* Workflow-specific customization of functionality and features
* Clickless-delay adjustments
* Mirror-console operation
* A/B input switch
* Cascaded / nested VCAs
* IP-Share TM Network Gain Compensation
* iPad and Windows Tablet remote control software
* Integrated loudness metering for “visual” mixing
* Dynamic timecode automation
* Lawo-grade microphone preamps and processing algorithms
* Machine / DAW remote control
* Fully customizable signal chain with four independent dynamic modules
* Clickless-delay adjustments
* Parallel compression
* Fanless console design
* IP-based infrastructure with native support for all relevant IP standards: SMPTE 2110, AES67, RAVENNA and DANTE®
* Optimized for multi-user operation
* Advanced mix assist systems (AutoMix, UpMix, DownMix, prepared for KICK)
* Networking and processing capacity with up to 8,192 x 8,192 crosspoints, 888 DSP channels, 144 summing buses and 128 aux buses
* 44.1 – 96 kHz operation
* Comprehensive Audio-Follow-Video functionality
* LiveView™ video thumbnails
* IP-Share™ Network Gain Compensation
* Integrated 3D / Immersive mixing engine
* Parallel compression
* Integrated loudness metering
**Read** before inquiring
1. Do NOT email us with “is this available”, or any variation thereof, all emails of that nature will be ignored. If you see the listing up, the system is still available
2. If you email us about the listing, your email must include your location, company details, references and contact number. If your message lacks any of these details, your email will also be ignored.
3. This is a b2b sale only. No sales to Vietnam, India, Nigeria, Pakistan.
4. We accept paypal or escrow payments

Shipping & Details
Weight net console : 217kg (excl. crate & stand)
Length : 3337 mm
Depth : 1252mm
Height (on stand) : 1079mm
Total approx. package weight : 450kg
Handling time after confirmed order : 20 days
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