KitPlus Show MediaCity 2024

Event: KitPlus Show MediaCity 2024

Event Dates: 24 Oct 2024

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MediaCity, Salford is a venue close to the heart of KitPlus Show as we have been there since our regional events around the UK started in 2011. Our Open Centre venue is right in the middle of the action facing the main Piazza with the BBC on one side and ITV on the other.

The KitPlus Show is where you can see leading manufacturers, distributors and dealers of pro video, broadcast and media kit up close and in a friendly and relaxed environment with seminars and training sessions also taking place during the show.

Everyone is welcome at the KitPlus show whether you are at university and just starting your journey in this industry or maybe getting back into it after a break. Our audience is always diverse and attentive and ultimately with a common interest in the last technology.

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