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Transmission TX Ltd.

Location: Shepperton, Greater London, United Kingdom

With over 26 years of experience, Transmission TX are the Leaders in Provision of Drama Packages, Experts in Advanced & 360° Camera Systems.

We can provide advanced camera systems for complex production projects - Our facilities are used globally by leading production companies and commercial organisations on a broad range of programming, and multiple industries.

TX can provide everything needed for high quality video production, from 4K & HD multi-camera systems for dramas, compact 4K & HD remote PTZ & mini-cam systems for documentaries, Live 360 video streaming and Spherical (aka 360-degree) media recording systems, for interactive VR presentation.


We are pioneers in 360 Video and VR capture, shooting, editing and presenting 360 Video since 2007. Contact us to get a quote for your next interactive or specialist project, and see what we can do for you.


We share our experience and knowledge and have a passion for what we do. We want our clients to feel great about the service they receive. We are known for our vision and technical ability and that we deliver what we say we will.


We have a a wide range of Camera, Lighting & Sound Kit for Dry or Wet Hire, as well as Production support. Contact Transmission TX Today to get started.