The World Poker Tour Moves its Gaming Sports and Entertainment Media Supply Chain to Ateliere

Published: 12 March 2024

The World Poker Tour Moves its Gaming Sports and Entertainment Media Supply Chain to Ateliere

Ateliere Creative Technologies, a leading software solutions company, today announced that The World Poker Tour® (WPT®) has selected the cloud-native Ateliere Connect platform to transform its media supply chain. A global leader in televised gaming and entertainment, WPT has been at the forefront of innovating the world of poker since 2002, sparking a global gaming upsurge with the invention of its unique television show that highlights a series of high-stakes poker tournaments. Today, WPT can be watched in 150-plus countries and territories thanks to a significant presence in tournaments, television, online platforms, such as ClubWPT.comTM and WPTGlobal.comTM, and mobile apps like WatchWPTTM.

Ateliere Connect enables WPT to strategically harness advanced media processing technology and the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to efficiently manage and organize its media inventory. Ateliere’s machine learning algorithms "fingerprint" media assets, providing immediate and accurate identification, significantly diminishing the need for manual version control and compliance checks. Intuitive tools and automation recipes orchestrate workflows, streamlining order processing, packaging and delivery. 

“Our goal has always been to bring the excitement of the game to audiences everywhere. As our product offering and geographic reach expanded, we found our current media infrastructure limiting,” comments WPT Head of Distribution Loc Sondheim. WPT Director of Content Operations & Post Production Ian Matteson adds, “Ateliere gave us media inventory management, version control, packaging and delivery capabilities neatly wrapped into one platform. The move eliminated the “versionitis” that was bloating our inventory and driving up operational costs.”


WPT has a unique business model featuring territory-specific branding that requires multiple video versions for contractual branding obligations. Recognizing the potential for greater efficiency, WPT is moving its media supply to Ateliere Connect, leveraging a component approach to centralize and manage valuable IP and distribute content at the highest levels of accuracy for partners and quality for viewers everywhere. 

“Ateliere's platform is a perfect fit when it comes to the dynamic Sports/Gaming industry, providing visionary companies like World Poker Tour the means to transform their media supply chains fundamentally,” states Kira Baca, CRO, Ateliere. “By integrating the advanced capabilities of Ateliere's AI technology and state-of-the-art tools, these entities not only realize an increase in revenue and a reduction in costs, they also secure a substantial strategic advantage in delivering product faster to market.” Baca concludes, “The end game is the same for our customers - we are here to help them actualize the full potential of their content and propel their operational performance to new heights.”

To learn more about Ateliere’s time and resource-saving media supply chain technology and how you can optimize media inventories and operations and expedite distribution across multiple platforms and languages — please visit and download the Modern Media Supply Chain Made Easy practical guide.

The World Poker Tour Moves its Gaming Sports and Entertainment Media Supply Chain to Ateliere

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