RIST Products and Presentations Represented at VidTrans

Published: 08 June 2022

RIST Products and Presentations Represented at VidTrans

The Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) Forum has announced that a number of its members will be demonstrating use cases for its interoperable protocol at VidTrans 2022. RIST representatives will also be giving an Interop demo at the event.

RIST members exhibiting at VidTrans 2022 include, Artel, Ateme, Amazon Web Services, Cobalt Digital, Evertz, Grass Valley, Net Insight, Open Broadcast Systems, and Nevion. Representatives from AlvaLinks, Cerberus Tech, LearnIPvideo.com and SipRadius will be in attendance at the event.

There will also be an interop demo showing RIST in action. In this demonstration, streams are being transported over the internet to the show floor, using a variety of links and ISPs. For each transmission, there is a different vendor on the sending and receiving sides. All devices in the demonstration are using RIST Main Profile (VSF TR-06-2), with receiver connections originating in the show floor. CBS has made available the signals from three live cameras in New York City, as well as internet connectivity. Three different vendors (Cobalt, Evertz, and SipRadius) have installed RIST encoders in New York. Nevion, Net Insight, and Zixi are also participating in the demo.

The confirmed RIST presentations which will be taking place during the event are listed below:

·AlvaLinkswill be presenting ‘Enhancing SRT with RIST protocol’. Adi Rozenberg will focus on how the use of the RIST protocol can enhance and improve some missing capabilities of the SRT protocol.

·Cobalt Digitalwill deliver a presentation on ‘RIST Relay Overview’. Ciro Noronha, PH.D. willprovide an overview of the RIST Relay functionality and protocols, including the support for symmetric and asymmetric firewalls, traffic replication, and protocol conversion, among other functions.

·SipRadiuswill be discussing ‘Cloud Production, Transport and Monitoring via libRIST plus WebRTC’.Sergio Ammirata’s presentationaims to explain howlibRIST is used for error corrected transport of a large number of streams.

A panel discussion on ‘RIST Roundup: Evolving Technologies and Expanding Applicationswill take place on 16thJune at 9am in the Bayview room.This session will focus on recent technical developments and innovative market applications. End users and technology suppliers will be on hand to discuss how the technology has been evolving to add important new features and the many new applications that are now possible with RIST.

VidTrans takes place between 14th– 16thJune 2022 at Marina del Rey, California. T

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