manifold CLOUD Scores a Perfect 10 at International Sporting Event

Author: Desert Moon

Published: 12 April 2024

manifold CLOUD Scores a Perfect 10 at International Sporting Event

manifold technologies GmbH, provider of service-oriented software solutions for Tier 1 live productions, has announced that its manifold CLOUD was selected by NEP Belgium to provide a signal processing and multiviewer solution for an annual international sporting event held earlier this year in Asia. NEP Belgium’s first live production utilizing manifold CLOUD was a significant milestone for this project, and its exceptional performance contributed to achieving an almost flawless score.

According to Geert Thoelen, director of technology for NEP Belgium, “In January 2024, we deployed our new virtual OB concept for the first time, Virtual OB is a completely software driven and virtualized solution for live television production at the highest level. After careful evaluation we chose manifold CLOUD as our multiviewer and signal processing solution. The technology worked perfectly, and manifold CLOUD proved to be a reliable, well-developed product with enormous potential.”

manifold CLOUD provides users with access to an on-demand pool of easily configurable functionality available as services through a single-sign-on web UI.  Developed to target Tier-1 live productions, manifold CLOUD can handle the most demanding live sports, entertainment and news productions while providing the benefits of scalability, resiliency, quick deployment, and unified control.

The platform is designed to run on COTS FPGA acceleration cards from multiple manufacturers. Services are quickly created and configured on-demand within a private cloud environment and automatically assigned to an accelerator card.  Services are combined into production clusters that operate independently and simultaneously - each supporting an individual production, such as a sports event or news show.  In the event of a hardware or network failure, services are automatically restored on another accelerator card for maximum resiliency.

manifold CLOUD offers unparalleled scalability, automatic provisioning and inherent resiliency while supporting large, live uncompressed workflows with subframe latency with 90% less power consumption than CPU/GPU-based solutions.

Added Thoelen, “manifold CLOUD has been a great addition to our tech stack. It complements the intuitive interface, scalability, technology agnostic approach that are integral to NEP’s proprietary broadcast control platform, TFC, and delivers tremendous value to our clients.”


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