Introducing the all new Air Lux range at Cirro Lite

Published: 22 December 2023

Introducing the all new Air Lux range at Cirro Lite

Illuminate with Brilliance: The Air Lux lightweight fixtures produce a beautiful, soft controllable light source with a high-quality spectrum. Coupled with a robust control system that includes Lumen Radio and App-based connectivity. Each kit also includes a soft eggcrate to enhance your lighting setup.

  • Fully Developed Colour Software: The fully developed colour software turns every Pheon Lux system into an easily controllable fixture with colour (gel library included), full low-end dimming and G/M features.
  • Lumen Radio and Bluetooth Connectivity: Enjoy seamless control with built-in Lumen Radio and Bluetooth connectivity, supported by an optional app for added convenience on your film set.
  • V-Lock Battery Inputs: Built onto the ballast, our fixtures offer hassle-free power solutions, giving you the freedom to illuminate any film set without constraints.
  • Soft Eggcrate Included: Enhance your lighting control with the included soft eggcrate, ensuring control out of the box.
  • Self-Inflating: Assembly has never been easier. The integrated battery fan ensures a swift and simple setup. A backup mains pump is also included for flexibility during your film production.
  • Great Build Quality: Built for location and set use, the Air Lux is rugged and serviceable
  • Unmatched Value: Pheon Lux is committed to providing premium professional film lighting at excellent value. Experience the best without compromise, as our Air Lux range embodies this philosophy.

Discover the perfect blend of innovation, style, and value with Pheon Lux. Illuminate your film set with Air Lux. Call Cirro Lite for more information. 020 8955 6700

Cirro Lite are the exclusive distributor in the UK & Ireland.

Or see us at the BSC show in Febuary as always!

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