EvertzAV Partners with NETGEAR to Launch Custom Switch Configuration Profiles for NUCLEUS

Sue Sillitoe

Published: 07 September 2023

EvertzAV Partners with NETGEAR to Launch Custom Switch Configuration Profiles for NUCLEUS

EvertzAV, (https://av.evertz.com), a global leader in providing professional A/V over IP solutions, is proud to announce the release of a NUCLEUS custom profile for NETGEAR® Inc.’s line of professional AV switches. 

By using the EvertzAV “NUCLEUS Converged AV Network” profile, NETGEAR switches will automatically recognize NUCLEUS UXP endpoints, identify them on connected switch ports and automatically configure switch settings for optimal performance. This automation extends the NUCLEUS ease of use concept to the switch fabric delivering a plug-and-play experience, reducing installation times and ensuring consistent delivery of quality performance and simplified maintenance.

“We are excited to partner with EvertzAV to provide an enhanced user experience through automated configuration and streamlined networking,” said Devan Cress, Pro AV Business Development Director for NETGEAR. “The simplified recognition and configuration of NUCLEUS UXP AV-over-IP devices empowers us to deliver on our commitment to provide customers with seamless, hassle-free solutions that meet their unique needs. We look forward to showcasing our AV-enabled switches alongside EvertzAV at IBC 2023.”

EvertzAV’s NUCLEUS is an AV over IP distribution, collaboration and control solution. NUCLEUS is fully interoperable with standard consumer off the shelf (COTS) managed switches, securely delivering low latency pristine video quality over 1G, 2.5G or 10G copper or fiber. NUCLEUS operates on a simplified configuration framework allowing administrators the ability to set up a fully functional AV distribution network in minutes.

NUCLEUS offers a complete range of modular or standalone UXP AV gateways to distribute common AV signals over IP.

“This collaboration with NETGEAR combines the innovative simplicity of NUCLEUS with the performance and reliability of NETGEAR’s managed AV-over-IP switches”, says Paulo Francisco, VP of Engineering at EvertzAV. “We are excited to enable this added deployment simplification and empower customers and system integrators with the tools needed for success.”

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