Edgio Announces Availability of CMCD Reports

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Published: 28 November 2023

Edgio Announces Availability of CMCD Reports

Service Provides Media Organizations Actionable Insight into Client-side Performance Regardless of Video Player

Edgio, the platform of choice for speed, security, and simplicity at the edge, today announced the availability of Common Media Client Data (CMCD) reports for its Delivery clients to help companies gain better insight into how their streaming services perform across multiple video players.  Free to Edgio customers, these reports provide valuable insight into the behavior and performance of content and video streams and are delivered with a data latency of approximately 5-10 minutes. By leveraging CMCD reports, Edgio's customers can make data-driven decisions to optimize delivery, resulting in improved user experiences and reduced operational costs.

Edgio’s CMCD reports provide insight into several key areas of measurement, including video egress, play time, rebuffer rates, average client throughput, average video bitrate, and percentage of slow time to first byte (TTFB). Key benefits include:

·       Enhanced Visibility: CMCD reports provide detailed information about the efficiency of their video delivery, enabling customers to monitor how effectively content is cached and delivered to end-users.

·       Real-Time Performance Insights: Edgio's CMCD reports offer real-time monitoring and analytics, enabling customers to respond swiftly to changing streaming demands.

·       Optimized Viewer Engagement: Companies can utilize CMCD data to fine-tune their streaming strategies, reduce buffering, and enhance viewer engagement.

·       Cost Savings: While competitive offerings may require a third-party software, or limit insight to specific players, Edgio’s CMCD reports are free and inclusive of all video players. Also, by optimizing content delivery and cache efficiency, customers can reduce data transfer and infrastructure costs.

“At a time when many companies in the Media and Entertainment industry are challenged with delivering the highest quality video with fewer resources and reduced cost, the ability to capture and deliver near real-time insights that can improve their viewers’ experience without additional resources is paramount,” said Kyle Faber, Senior Director of Product at Edgio. “We are pleased to bring this new service to our clients at zero cost to help them optimize their video delivery.”


Edgio’s CMCD reports are available immediately.  For more information on Edgio’s media delivery capabilities, click here: https://edg.io/lp/media/

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