Digital Alert Systems Releases New Software Update for DASDEC and One-NET Platforms

Published: 03 April 2024

Digital Alert Systems Releases New Software Update for DASDEC and One-NET Platforms

Digital Alert Systems, the global leader in emergency communications solutions for video services providers, today introduced Version 5.3 of its software for compatible DASDEC™ and One-Net™ platforms. Version 5.3 contains not just security enhancements but new features that improve how alert videos appear. As a result, broadcasters get a better user experience, while the overall architecture is more secure. These advancements further the company’s commitment to providing the best, most flexible emergency messaging platform available.

Among the interface improvements are a “safe-title” area and a greater range of font sizes. These improvements provide a better display of the alert message for DASDEC-III models with HDMI-enabled outputs. Another change came in response to customers who asked for the option to keep a GPO closed, not just while the alert is playing but also for the effective duration of the alert. For example, a tornado (TOR) alert will play the alert information, which might only last a minute or two, but the actual alert is in effect for two hours. This new setting will give users a direct way to keep the assigned GPO closed for the entire two-hour event.

For Canadian users of the DASDEC™ and One-Net™, Version 5.3 will provide two critical enhancements. This update adds support for the new HTTPS connection to Canada’s National Alert Aggregation & Dissemination (NAAD) System. The current HTTP connection will only be supported by Pelmorex until June 2024, after which all DASDEC and One-Net systems must implement the new HTTPS connection. For this reason, it is essential that users in Canada implement the Version 5.3 update before June 2024. The second enhancement addresses issues that may occur when a very large number of geocodes are received in a Canadian emergency alert message. This is an important update for users who are using the DASDEC or One-Net to translate Canadian SGC geocodes to FIPS format.

Importantly for EMnet users in the U.S. and abroad seeking to update to the latest software, Version 5.3 offers fully enabled internal support for EMnet in Version 5 software in a 64-bit environment.

Version 5.3 can be installed in a DASDEC or One-Net device with a 64-bit processor. All units shipped since 2016 have a 32-/64-bit processor, so owners of those devices can simply install Version 5.3 using Digital Alert Systems’ secure field upgrade server.

This update is free for anyone currently running Version 5.0 series software who has either purchased a new DASDEC unit, is enrolled in the company’s Software Assurance Plan, or has participated in the company’s UP•TRADE program since April 2022. The cost for other users varies. They can contact the factory for more information and should have their serial numbers handy.

“Version 5.3 is an example of how we continue to activate new features on a regular cadence, using user feedback to fix software bugs and improve features, and keep delivering on our commitment to support the public alert and warning systems of the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere,” said Bill Robertson, vice president of business development for Digital Alert Systems. “With the release of Version 5.3, we’re continuing our focus on security and overall useability improvements, including a safe-title display boundary, as well as essential operational updates to keep up with changes in national alert systems.”

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