Beeyoutv the ethical secure videoconferencing and videostreaming platform for organizations and content creators finally puts control and monetization back into users hands

Author: OutspokenPR

Published: 01 February 2024

After a successful beta version chosen by a growing number of users, launches the official release of its revolutionary new platform, designed to enable content creators and organizations to manage the security of their streamed content and monetize it independently, this Sunday February 4th. provides users with an all-in-one virtual hub, where they can create and share content, host private meetings, public gatherings and VODs, and enjoy a seamless collaboration experience; all this, blending the sophistication of a professional studio with a user-friendly interface. With live content can also be multi-streamed simultaneously across a full range of social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and LinkedIn, thus maximizing reach and exposure. Additional features include a built-in chat, on-the-spot voting and polling with consolidated reports in real time and advertising campaign creation.    

Developed to respond seamlessly to the needs of both individual content creators and larger organizations, users and businesses can create communities and offer them access to secure streamed spaces to share exclusive content or sensitive information. Event and trade show organizers can also choose to monetize visibility within their platforms by offering digital spaces as an add-on to physical booths at their trade events or conventions, expanding exhibitor reach to the online environment. Thanks to the recent deployment of the “Organization” feature, which provides a dedicated – private or public – environment within the platform itself, also positions itself as the ideal solution for all the internal and external communication needs of companies of any size, nonprofits, government institutions, schools and universities, sports fan clubs, music labels, etc.

In response to data breaches and to the murky handling of user content by some major streaming platforms, has developed uniquely stringent security ideal, for example, for schools who want to share online learning, shows and debates or other content where minors are featured. Enhanced security is also ideal for healthcare organizations handling sensitive information, and the legal and financial sector to name a few. Any organization needing to share and discuss sensitive information and images can now do so with peace of mind. also takes a uniquely ethical stance towards monetization by artists and content creators enabling them to set their own prices for exclusive content. The value of their podcast or track is thus no longer set by the platform but each user can decide independently at which price to make content available and for how long. offers a multitude of monetization avenues that range from enabling users to charge viewers for watching live broadcasts or video-on-demand content to receiving donations from followers, viewers or participants and offering pre-ticket sales, which allow event organizers to sell tickets in advance, generating hype, enabling forecasting and maximizing sales.  Furthermore, users and organizations also have the opportunity to insert advertisements within their content, although this choice is entirely up to them: will never impose any ads.

Francois-Louis Mertens, CEO and founder of, explains: “There was a clear gap in the market that needed to be addressed: content creators and organizations were often being treated unfairly and didn’t have the opportunity to monetize their content independently. When we created, we initially set out to correct this, designing a platform that gives our users the ability to extract the value they deserve from their work; however, as development progressed, it also became clear that providing top-class editing and monetization opportunities needed to go hand-in-hand with enhanced security. Security and fairness are founding values for; we protect your creativity and your communities’ privacy because we understand that content creators and organizations thrive on trust.”

“Typically, we develop video and photo content to support the Enrich in the USA network at events but at the Silicon Valley Funding Summit before CES 2024, I had set my objectives even higher and wanted to leverage LinkedIn- there is still so much potential on this channel for innovators that want to experiment with streaming and other activities. approached me with a unique proposal to livestream all the pitches from the Summit both on their platform and on LinkedIn - and to have them available as VOD the very same day - and it was a dream come true! I can’t wait to explore the opportunities the platform offers more in detail in the future,” declares Sebastien Torre, ENRICH Programs and Platforms Senior Consultant.

“When I first discovered back in 2022, I immediately saw that it had huge potential as it combines the features we content creators love from platforms like Zoom, such as private chat rooms, with those of public channels like YouTube. In addition to this, I love the emphasis placed on freedom of speech and real ownership over content.  In an age where data is so important, it is critical for people sharing information and developing content to be able to maintain ownership and control over what they create. If I were to describe in three words this would be my focus: freedom, privacy and control,” confirms Sean Stone, actor, show host and content creator.

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