Appear Showcases Groundbreaking Live Production Technologies at NAB Show 2024

Author: Platform Comms

Published: 26 March 2024

Appear, the global leader in live production technology, will demonstrate its innovative solutions for contribution, remote production and distribution at NAB Show 2024, with industry leading performance in HEVC, JPEG XS, SRT and IP Trust Boundary implementation. Additionally, Appear’s CTO, Andy Rayner will deliver a keynote, ‘Navigating Security in the Live Distributed Production Landscape’ and will be taking part in a number of panel sessions, discussing sustainability, latency and emerging technologies in live production.

"Over the past year, Appear has seen remarkable success, both in business growth and technological advancements," says Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen, CEO at Appear. “Our pioneering use of hardware accelerated SRT combined with our HEVC and JPEG XS performance, flexibility, density and sustainability credentials, has enabled us to live up to our ambition to be the winning team in live production technology.”

In primary distribution, SRT is rapidly becoming the preferred distribution protocol. At NAB Show, Appear will demonstrate how its pioneering accelerated SRT solution enables one of Brazil’s leading media groups to reduce its playout facilities from 13 to just one. These significant infrastructure cost savings are in addition to the ongoing OPEX reductions from replacing satellite and leased circuits with secure and robust Internet connectivity.

In contribution, Appear will launch its new JPEG XS module, which enables the delivery of 8 full HD channels per module equalling a possible 96 JPEG XS full HD channels across a single 2RU chassis. The company will also highlight the unrivalled HEVC performance of its X Platform, enabling 96 full HD HEVC feeds to be contributed from a 2RU chassis. NAB Show will also see Appear launch a 100Gb IP Gateway switch module, a primary benefit of which is to further increase the density of contributed live video and media through the X Platform, as well as enhancing internal throughput within the chassis’.

Appear will also demonstrate enhanced analytics and monitoring functionality in its Network Operations Centre (NOC) hub at NAB Show. This will show how Appear solutions can deliver operational confidence through workflow security, network and infrastructure monitoring and simplified yet powerful management, including advanced analytics dashboards. The NOC hub, which was a real highlight for visitors at IBC2023, includes the following new developments:

  • Integration of Grafana Labs solutions with the Appear X Platform, providing real-time application observability with prebuilt and customisable dashboards and workflows.
  • Integration with the popular open-source monitoring solution Prometheus.
  • Integration with Skyline’s Dataminer monitoring and management solution which is highly popular in media and entertainment networks.

“At NAB Show 2023, Appear launched professional grade SRT; now a year later we will demonstrate how and why SRT is rapidly becoming the preferred protocol for contribution and primary distribution, with Appear the no. 1 high capacity SRT solution provider,” says Andy Rayner, CTO at Appear. “The CAPEX and OPEX advantages of our hardware-accelerated SRT solution makes Appear the clear choice for scalable internet contribution and distribution, which is critical for our future success, as the industry evolves towards a software-based hybrid-cloud future.”

Andy Rayner’s speaking slots at NAB Show, are:

13th April, 3:00 PM - 3:20 PM – NAB Broadcast Engineering and IT Conference

Keynote: Navigating Security in the Live Distributed Production Landscape

13th April, 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM – Media Tech Sustainability Series

Panel: Fostering Collaborative Supply Chains

 14th April, 08:00 AM - 09:30 AM – IABM State of the Industry Conference

 14th April, 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM – NAB Broadcast Engineering and IT Conference

Panel: Navigating Time. When is Real Time No Longer Real Time - and Does it Matter?

15th April, 10.45 AM – 11:15 AM – NAB Connect, Capitalize and Create Zones

Panel: Elevating Live Production: Harnessing Emerging Media Technologies

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