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KitPlus TV: Wired and wireless solutions for lighting with the Quasar Science Rainbow lights.

The Quasar Science Rainbow 2 has a built-in Ethernet Node expanding data versatility and the Double Rainbow is equipped with both an Ethernet Node and a Network Switch creating a whole new universe of possibilities... No need for additional data boxes, receivers or transmitters and today we talk to Ben Dynice to give us a brief overview of why connectivity has become so important in lighting.

00:03:19 Why is connectivity so important in lighting?
00:04:57 How do you set them up as part of a network?
00:05:42 What are the methods of connecting to the lights?
00:07:02 Lead & Follow and other features...
00:08:33 Can you generate low rez graphics with the level of control you have?
00:09:49 Have to seen new applications?
00:10:51 Where can we find out more?

KitPlus TV is supported by Mediaproxy, the global leader in compliance and logging solutions.

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