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$98,000.00 ONO

For Sale: SSL Solid Stage Logic Duality Delta

SSL Duality Console Upgraded to Delta - A Masterpiece of Sound Engineering

SSL Solid Stage Logic Duality Delta - image #1

Key Details

Condition: Used

Category: Mixers

Published: 25-04-2024

Views: 204

Listed By: Private Seller

Location: Israel

Listing ID: 31132


Experience the epitome of sound engineering with our SSL Duality console, now upgraded to the Delta version. This state-of-the-art console combines the legendary SSL analogue sound with advanced digital control, making it a top choice for professional studios worldwide.


Key Features:

1. Delta-Control Automation: Integrates analogue console automation with your DAW, bringing seamless control to your fingertips.

2. SuperAnalogue™ Sound: Renowned SSL SuperAnalogue™ mix buss delivers unmatched audio quality.

3. Dual Path Channel: Offers both SSL’s classic analogue channel processing and DAW-based workflow.

4. Versatile Routing: Flexible signal routing options perfect for multi-tasking in complex recording scenarios.

5. Total Recall™: Reduces setup time with SSL’s proprietary reset system.

6. E-Series and G-Series EQ: Iconic SSL E and G series channel EQ, providing a wide range of tonal options.

7. Integrated DAW Control: Streamlines workflow with DAW control layered into the console surface.

8. High-Quality Build: Rugged build quality for which SSL is known, ensuring longevity and reliability.

9. Modular Design: Customizable to suit individual studio needs.

10. Advanced Monitoring: Precision monitoring controls for a flawless listening experience.


Benefits of the SSL Duality Delta:

1. Unparalleled Sound Quality: Delivers the warmth and presence only found in SSL consoles.

2. Enhanced Workflow Efficiency: Streamlines studio operations, saving valuable time.

3. Ultimate Creative Control: Offers extensive tonal and dynamic shaping capabilities.

4. Seamless Integration: Perfectly integrates with modern digital production environments.

5. Reliability and Durability: Trusted by professionals for its enduring build and stable performance.

6. Versatility: Suitable for all genres and stages of music production.

7. Innovative Automation: Makes complex mix moves simple and repeatable.

8. Pristine Preamps: Ensures crystal-clear recording quality.

9. Advanced Connectivity: Easily connects with various studio equipment.

10. Impeccable Support: Backed by SSL’s world-class customer support and service.



Recording and DAW Compatibility:

Comprehensive DAW Integration: Works seamlessly with all major DAWs including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton Live, and more, ensuring compatibility with your preferred digital environment.

Multi-Track Recording: Facilitates high-quality multi-track recording, capturing every nuance of the performance.

Flexible I/O Options: Ample inputs and outputs to handle large recording sessions with ease.

Low Latency Monitoring: Offers low latency solutions for comfortable and accurate monitoring during recording sessions.

DAW Control Layer: Features a dedicated DAW control layer for intuitive control over your digital audio workstation, streamlining both recording and mixing tasks.


Special Offer:

Free Shipping and Installation Worldwide: This console comes with complimentary global shipping and installation services.

Charity Contribution: All proceeds from the sale will be donated to an army veteran charity in Bethlehem, Israel, supporting a noble cause.


This SSL Duality Delta console is not just an equipment purchase; it’s an investment in unparalleled sound quality and a commitment to supporting those who have served. Grab this exclusive opportunity to own a piece of SSL’s legendary technology while contributing to a meaningful cause.

For inquiries and purchase details, please contact us. On-site installation, commissioning and a 3 day in-person training package for the operation of the console is available to qualified buyers free of charge. 

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