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For Sale: Ams Neve Genesis Black G16

Own a legend: AMS Neve Genesis Black G16 in pristine condition with free global shipping. Elevate your sound and studio prestige.

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Key Details

Condition: Used

Category: Mixers

Published: 04-03-2024

Views: 127

Listed By: Dealer

Location: Australia

Listing ID: 30859


For sale is the highly acclaimed AMS Neve Genesis Black G16, a masterpiece of audio engineering that brings the legendary Neve sound into the modern recording studio. This console is in top condition, meticulously maintained and cared for by a professional team. It’s a rare opportunity to own a piece of gear that has shaped the sound of countless hit records.


Key Features:


State-of-the-Art Technology: The Genesis Black G16 combines classic Neve analog warmth and depth with contemporary digital workflow and flexibility, making it the perfect centerpiece for any studio looking to produce industry-standard sound.

Top Condition: This console has been kept in pristine condition, with every knob, fader, and button functioning as smoothly as the day it was first installed. The attention to maintenance and detail ensures unmatched reliability and quality.

Incredible Sound Quality: With Neve’s renowned transformer-balanced mic preamps and EQ circuits, the Genesis Black G16 delivers the punchy lows, rich mids, and silky highs that only Neve consoles can. Whether you’re recording, mixing, or mastering, this console will elevate your sound to new heights.

Seamless Integration: Designed to integrate seamlessly with modern DAW workflows, the Genesis Black offers comprehensive control surfaces, enabling you to blend the best of analog and digital worlds. Its digital control and recall capabilities make it a breeze to switch between projects without losing the analog charm.

Rare Find: The AMS Neve Genesis Black G16 is a sought-after piece of equipment that rarely comes up for sale, especially in such impeccable condition. This is a unique opportunity to invest in a piece of audio history that will continue to appreciate both in value and in the quality of the sound it produces.

Free Worldwide Shipping: To make this deal even more irresistible, we’re offering free worldwide shipping. No matter where you are in the world, this iconic console can be yours without the worry of shipping costs.


Why Buy Now:


Elevate Your Studio: Owning a Neve console is a statement. It not only enhances your studio’s capabilities but also instantly raises your profile among artists and producers.

Investment: Audio gear of this caliber not only retains its value but often appreciates over time. This is an investment in your sonic future.

Rare Opportunity: Consoles of this condition and pedigree don’t come around often. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of the legendary Neve sound.


The AMS Neve Genesis Black G16 is more than just a console; it’s a bridge between the classic analog past and the limitless digital future. It’s an investment in your music, your craft, and your sonic legacy. Take your sound to the next level and own a piece of history. Contact us today to secure this gem for your studio.

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