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Wilderness Films India Ltd.

Location: New Delhi, India

We are the largest HD broadcast services and equipment rental house in India and South Asia. We also sell some of our HD equipment from time to time, and occasionally have stock surpluses that we need to dispose of, at compelling prices. We own the world's largest archive of factual content from South Asia, with video and stills that span a wide gamut of subject areas. We are also the largest factual content and shorts production house in India.

We once were the only Asian company with Google Video contract that allowed us to stream large parts of our archive online, but due to IPR violations we closed the arrangement. Even as we specialize in the export of television and internet content from India, you can also make us part of your production plans in India and South Asia, and we can deliver the finest and widest range of production, gear, location and support services to you, in the region. We can open doors that no one else can - creative, aesthetic, bureaucratic and most importantly - those in the mind! And yes, while some of us have a weakness for wildlife, wilderness and the outdoors (especially in High Definition!), we do produce programming on just about every subject under the sun... and we do a pretty damn good job of it too! Write to us, if you require stock footage from South Asia, from a variety of subject areas...

We're in the process of currently setting up India's first factual programming offering, a sort of South Asian answer to existing factual content plays. We are also developing a global stock footage and stills sales portal, along the lines of Corbis or Getty, utilizing our 750, 000 stills and broadcast archive of 4000+ hours of HDCAM footage, which together make us the largest stock footage resource on South Asia, in the world. Among other awards, we won the "Incredible India Award\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" in 2006 and the "National Tourism\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" in 2007, for the best tourism film made in India in 2007.
A decade back, we started using the first High Definition cameras in north India, with our Sony HDW F900 HDCAM's. We now have over 200 Canon and Fujinon Hi Def and SD lenses, dozens of HD cameras including HDW 730S and HDW F900's, HDCAM Sony players and recorders, HD post-production solutions, Panasonic Varicam DVC Pro HD and P2 gear. More recently, apart from ordering the RED with a range of Zeiss prime lenses, and an initial SRW 9000 HDCAM SR 880 mbps one-piece camcorder, we're also pushing HDV and XDCAM HD as lower-cost tapeless HD options. Apart from Hi Def, we have a wide inventory of standard definition camera units and VTR's of virtually every format and standard in use worldwide.

We seek meaningful content distribution and business development opportunities. With an IPR that exceeds 125 million Euros, we have never taken part in any content trade fair before, and will be attending MIPTV in Cannes this year, with hopes of entering into many a compelling partnership. We are looking at distribution or sale of our stock footage resources - the largest available anywhere in the world on India, and a range of subjects including music, dance, wildlife, environment, the Himalaya, tribes and communities, religion and art, culture and fashion, science and aerials, news and history - we have the works. We feature a lot of the "New India", with modern cities, construction, heavy industry, international trade, manufacturing, urban retail, malls, schools, colleges, middle class consumption and much more. The world is looking at India in a new way and we have just the imagery to portray that New India!

We create a range of shorts on India's rivers, birds, flowers, animals, sanctuaries, national parks, Himalayan eco-systems, tribal communities, religion and culture (with a key focus on Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam) and much more. We have already shot and are post-producing over 2500 shorts, and are currently developing another 1000 shorts with a duration of 3 to 5 minutes in order to capture a major global market-share in this developing space...

We also feature full-length documentaries, and are open to taking on specifically commissioned films of a diverse kind.

At the same time, we're looking to raise US$35 to $65 million in Private Equity to jump-start a slew of internet and television content ventures, including India's first tourism content portal, and South Asia's first factual programming initiative. Among others, we would like to re-invigorate our "Visual Mapping of the Indian Subcontinent\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" internet project which was once featured on Google Video as "the fastest growing collection on Google Video\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" and brought in millions of page views in the early days of video-on-the-web...

We own the copyright to 70 viral video properties, including one of the Top Ten viral videos of all time, which has generated over 350 million page views on the internet.

At the same time, we would love to provide broadcast and television services to your visiting camera crews for productions in India. From fixing to equipment, crewing and locations to post-production, we have all facilities available in-house. With over 90 HDCAM and other HD camera units, 200 HD lenses, and a slew of other options, we have you covered, be it HDCAM SR, RED, XDCAM HD or P2!

If not work, then visit us in the Himalaya at our 900 acre Mountain Quail Rediscovery project, where we protect 800, 000 Himalayan Rhododendron, Oak and cedar trees, and a large population of pheasants, Black Bear, leopard, Goral, Barking Deer and much more.

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