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Villrich Broadcast

Location: Hilversum, Netherlands

Based in Hilversum, Netherlands, Villrich Broadcast is a premier distributor of equipment essential to the worlds of videography, photography, and cinematography. With a commitment to excellence and a comprehensive range of products, Villrich Broadcast serves as a trusted partner for professionals in the industry.

Specializing in New Product Development and assisting in opening new markets for various manufacturers, as well as expanding existing markets, Villrich Broadcast offers extensive experience across EMEA, UK, APAC, CIS, Nordics, Eastern European markets, the USA, and LATAM. We aid in establishing contacts, negotiations, product placements, marketing, sales, and follow-up.

Our dedication to excellence is evident in our small yet devoted team of experts, whose passion and expertise drive our daily operations. With the added convenience of an EU warehouse and direct communication channels with manufacturers, Villrich B.V. is making a tangible difference in the industry, ensuring that professionals have access to top-quality equipment and unmatched service. Every day, we strive to surpass expectations and raise the bar for excellence in the field of visual storytelling.