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Beth Zarkhosh

Author: Beth Zarkhosh

Published 1st August 2015

by Beth Zarkhosh Issue 103 - July 2015

YouTube ; the video sharing website that was founded in San Bruno California in 2005 has quickly become one of if not the biggest, and most prominent websites of the decade.
Allowing pretty much anyone, anywhere to upload videos of their choice with millions of viewers around the world, YouTube has grown in to much more than just a video sharing site, its now a platform for online stars, new music talent and much more. So how can Youtube benefit you and your brand? Many forget that Youtube was the origin of music stars like teen sensation Justin Bieber and its clear he has Youtube to thank for his mass success. Its not only music stars who are recognised for their talent, recently the rise of budding filmmakers who have been sharing their work online have found recognition from prolific film producers and directors. An example is that of Fede Alvarezs Panic Attack which was a short film that ran for 4 minutes and 48 seconds . This short film was viewed around over half a million times and caught the eye of Evil Deads Sam Raimi, who was so impressed with Alvarezs film he offered the Uruguayan filmmaker a development deal the exact day it was streamed.
Okay perhaps its not everyday a Hollywood director will approach you BUT theres a very good chance you can turn your videos into something a bit more credible and start a channel which increases your reputation, whether you are a filmmaker, small production company or an individual who just loves to make short videos, theres room out there for you!

Its as easy as having an HD camera, Youtube account and basic video editing software which can see you go from nobody knowing you to potentially gaining a following of fans who respect and admire your work.
Big Youtube filmmaking stars like Thomas Ridgewell who hosts around 50 million views and has over 220,000 subscribers on his channel has said in the past "I like the instant feedback you get from putting things online,\"
Can it be true that with having an instant response to your video you get a better understanding of where you go next?
Ridgewell goes on to mention he spends a lot of time analysing comments left under his videos, taking apart particular comments to inform him of what he needs to do better in future videos.
Selling yourself.
Lets not forget, as a filmmaker or wedding videographer youre often selling a service (or yourself.). YouTube can be a fantastic sales tool, putting you in front of thousands of would be buyers who may need a corporate video or wedding video. By simply highlighting your best you can gain new customers and shout about the high service level and quality you can deliver. You cant do this in a phone call or text message.
So will you be taking to YouTube with your next project? Perhaps to get an instant opinion or some feedback on your work?
Just go to and set up your account today!
If you have uploaded any work recently tweet over your link to @editorskeys
Happy YouTubing!

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