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Hitomi Matchbox Glass lipsync, audio and video alignment. Now Wireless on a free app. IBC 2019
Sony HXR-MC88 palm-sized camcorder shown plus UWP series wireless transmission at NAB 2019
Compact 4k Cameras CE420-CS, CV506 and CV503 from Marshall at NAB 2019
Teradek RT wireless CTRL.3 camera control shown at NAB 2019
The Teracue Application Cloud show at IBC 2018 (German version)
The Teracue Application Cloud show at IBC 2018
Matrox Unveils Monarch EDGE 4K Contribution Encoder at IBC 2018
Virtual Panel on Apple watch from Clear-Com at NAB 2018
Mobile comms from Clear-Com with LQV4 software and Agent-IC shown at BVE 2018
Matrox Monarch LCS Radar shown at BVE 2018
Mediaflex UMS Platform from TMD at NAB 2017
Cirrolite and Kino Flo at BVE 2017
Sound Devices Wingman app at IBC 2016
Filming kit review from NAB
NUGEN Audio at IBC 2015
Playbox at IBC 2015
Matrox at IBC 2015
DPA Microphones at NAB 2015
NUGEN Loudness Toolkit at NAB 2015
NUGEN Audio at BVE 2015
Highlights of the November Tour 2014
Forscene at IBC 2014
BBright at IBC 2014
Broadstream Solutions at NAB 2014
Nugen Audio at NAB 2014
Forbidden Technologies FORscene App at BVE 2014
Softron Media Services on BroadcastShow LIVE at IBC 2013
Autocue DSLR Prompter using iPad at IBC 2013
Global Distribution with mLogic at IBC 2013
Softron Media at IBC 2013
NuGen Audio at IBC 2013
London TOUR!
NUGEN Audio: Loudness Toolkit at NAB 2013
Visionary Solutions at NAB 2013
Bridge Technologies PocketProbe App at NAB 2013
Thear Technology at BVE 2013
Nugen Audio at IBC 2012
Thear Technology Limited at ProVideo2011
MTF at IBC2011
AJA at IBC2011
Radiant Grid at IBC2011
Lynx Technik at IBC2011
Cobalt Digital at IBC2011
Soft Vallee at IBC2011