NUGEN Audio at the 2017 NAMM Show Posted: 17/01/2017
At the 2017 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, NUGEN Audio will present its latest high-end mix, mastering, and post-production software  with the spotlight on MasterCheck Pro, a groundbreaking new codec and loudness auditioning plug-in that enables music professionals to deliver masters perfectly tuned for today's music streaming services.
Tags: NUGEN Audio | 2017 NAMM Show | plug-in | loudness | codec | music professionals | master | streaming service | tradeshow | transparent | true-peak limiting | ISL DSP | ISL 2 | ISL 2st
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Petrol Bags Intros Rain Cover for Canon EOS C100 Posted: 03/05/2013

Petrol Bags, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, introduces a new transparent Rain Cover to provide waterproof protection for the Canon EOS C100 camera (PR400). Specially fashioned to fit over the C100, even while the flip out screen is open, the cover allows for fast and easy setup, while keeping all camera controls fully accessible. This all-weather accessory is constructed of transparent waterproof polyurethane that doesn't obscure the cameras view. The smart design makes the Rain Cover extremely easy to install while shooting.

Tags: Petrol Bags | Vitec Videocom | Vitec Group | transparent | Rain Cover | waterproof | protection | Canon EOS C100 | PR400 | all-weather accessory | polyurethane | -20 °C | rip-stop fabric | waterproof zippers | weather protection
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Wind and Rain are no problem with Camera Protection by Petrol Bags Posted: 17/04/2013


Fall in the Czech Republic is damp and foggy, and the higher the altitude, the more piercing and rainy the climate becomes. At an old, remote mill 40 km (25 miles) away from Prague, sludge and mud are everywhere while moisture penetrates the bones. These are the filming conditions on the main set of the psychological thriller Cold Sunday. The other shooting locations on the Elbe, st nad Labem and Dn, also have dreary weather conditions with an average of 14 days of rain per month. It is the perfect atmosphere for the film by director Ivan Pokorny but also poses great danger for director of photography Armin Dierolf's equipment. For this reason, he protects his PS-Cam X35 with the PR425 rain cover from the Deca product line by Petrol Bags, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company.

Tags: Petrol Bags | Vitec Videocom | Vitec Group | Cold Sunday | Ivan Pokorny | PS-Cam X35 | PR425 | rain cover | Deca | product line | water-proof | zipper | sealed | transparent | for all cameras | accessories | one-piece design | polyurethan | 15 cm | 6in | track | polypropylene
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Safety First: DakarPress Team Relies on Petrol Bags at the Dakar Rally 2012 Posted: 06/11/2012

The famous Dakar Rally is considered the hardest desert rally in the world. Participants are not the only ones who are put to the test; the reporters' equipment also has to overcome challenges. For this reason, when it comes to transporting and protecting its equipment, the Dutch DakarPress Team trusted in Petrol Bags, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company. "During this demanding 19-day shoot in Argentina, Chile, and Peru, we had to be prepared for all possible weather conditions," says DakarPress Team member Dirk van der Veen when summing up the requirements for the equipment. So we expected not only perfect protection and easy portability of our equipment from our bags and backpacks but also maximum flexibility in order to cope with the various shooting conditions. And thats what we found in Petrol Bags.

Tags: DakarPress Team | Petrol Bags | Dakar Rally | Vitec Videocom | Vitec Group | Dirk van der Veen | Digibag DSLR Camera Bag | PD221 | DSLR Sling Bag | PD333 | Transparent DSLR Plus Rain Cover | DSLR | PD510 | Safe Back pack carrying system | Snaplock Trolley System
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New Transparent Rain Cover for DSLR cameras without VF from Petrol Bags Posted: 22/11/2011

The newest weather protection system from Petrol Bags, a Vitec Group brand, is the transparent Rain Cover tailored specifically for DSLR cameras with up to a 300mm lens and professional light on-camera. 

Tags: Petrol Bags | Vitec Group | camera protection | Transparent Rain Cover for DSLR cameras without VF
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