RTVC Selects DHD Audio Production Consoles for Atlantico Region Studios

David Kirk

Published: 02 July 2024

RTVC Selects DHD Audio Production Consoles for Atlantico Region Studios

Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia (RTVC), Colombia’s national radio and television broadcaster, has chosen DHD SX2 audio production consoles for its renovated studios in Barranquilla, capital city of the Atlántico region. Established in October 2004, RTVC operates four free-to-air television stations and two radio networks. Radio Nacional de Colombia is a general infotainment channel and Radiónica is a youth-oriented station dedicated to Colombian music; both are transmitted nationwide.

The project was negotiated and completed by Bogota-based broadcast systems specialist ASPA ANDINA.

“This new system is in line with RTVC’s policy of decentralisation and makes the broadcaster’s Atlántico region facility accessible with its studios throughout Colombia via a secure digital audio network,” says Juan Pablo León, ASPA ANDINA’s Technical Director, Commercial. “We have integrated DHD SX2 audio production consoles into three studios, all of them interconnected via Dante audio-over-IP. These will allow RTVC staff and those of the state-owned Radiónica music radio network to share digital media and production resources from any connected location.”

“The main studio is assigned to Radio Nacional de Colombia and is equipped with an SX2 mixer including 16 motorised faders. The second studio is a multipurpose resource which will eventually be used for the Radionica network and a shareable production facility. This studio has an SX2 mixer with a 10 motorised faders. The third studio is equipped with a four-fader SX2 and is designed for routine recording and production. We have also implemented DHD’s Assist App which allows a remotely located technician to provide support if or when requested. Independent level control jacks are also implemented to support hearing-impaired operators.”

“We also integrated two DHD XC3 cores which provide the processing power to the desktop consoles. One is assigned to the main studio while the other supports the consoles in the second and third studios as a shared resource.”

“This project follows on from our recent partnership with RTVC in equipping the network’s peace stations in Fundación, Tumaco, San José del Guaviare and San Vicente del Caguán. We thank RTVC for their continued trust in us and are privileged to be part of the history, present and future of Colombian radio.”

Based on a four-fader central module, DHD SX2 mixers can be expanded with additional six-fader modules to support up to 16 faders. Central and fader modules each incorporate a 10.1 inch multi-touch display allowing operators to see exactly how their console is performing from connectivity and signal level perspectives. All faders are motorised. The central module gives access to the most important audio inputs and outputs. A microphone input and headphone output are included, and loudspeakers can be connected directly to the module. Functions such as loudness metering and talkback to other DHD mixers are also supported.

DHD’s XC3 IP core is designed for use in on-air radio and television studios. It comprises two dual-core DSP modules which combine into 1 U. These jointly support up to 48 stereo faders, 72 stereo buses and 16 channels of AES67 IP audio. IPx expansion modules can be added to accommodate 128 channels of AES67/Ravenna IP audio in/out plus up to 512 Dante channels. A companion module, the XC3 Concentrator, allows easy interconnection of multiple DHD IPx modules, control surfaces and I/O modules.

DHD’s Assist app is a browser-based application which allows a secure network-connected technician to provide onsite or remote support for presenters during their daily production activity. DHD SX2 and RX2 as well as TX touch panels can be supervised via a tablet or a PC. The remote user can control faders and central modules, including any of the integrated displays. The Assist app mixer layout can be configured directly using DHD Toolbox software.

“RTVC’s commitment to hearing-impaired inclusivity is a particularly pleasing aspect of this project,” adds Marc Herrmann, DHD audio Managing Director. “It is a logical follow-on from the support for visually-impaired operators which our Tel Aviv based systems integration partner Micha Blum recently achieved with an SX2 consoles installation project for Israel’s Center for Accessible Culture.”

DHD audio GmbH develops and produces digital audio studio equipment and systems for professional applications in broadcast control rooms, DJ-operated radio studios, OB trucks, SNG vans, ingest stations and edit suites. DHD also produces routing and talkback matrices, audio-over-IP interfaces and supporting software. DHD devices can be operated directly or under IP networked control. Designed and manufactured in Germany,  DHD products are used successfully by broadcasters around the globe.

ASPA (www.aspa.net), founded in 1995, offers complete solutions for broadcast radio, television and educational application, both in the private and public sectors at a national and international level. Based in Madrid, the company has consolidated its position within the Spanish radio and audiovisual market to become a benchmark for service, quality and innovation. In 2000 ASPA began its international expansion, focused mainly on the Latin American market, reinforcing its presence with offices in Bogotá as well as increasing the company's client portfolio in countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.


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