DejaSoft supports in-house hosted S3 server in DejaEdit 3.1 Posted: 02/07/2020
DejaSoft supports in-house hosted S3 server in DejaEdit 3.1

DejaSoft has released version 3.1 to support private cloud environments using the open source MinIO object storage solution.

DejaEdit 3.1 brings cost-saving advantages, allowing clients to use their own servers, reducing ongoing costs of an Amazon hosted S3 account, but more importantly, bringing the whole data operation in-house, ensuring absolute control with regard to data security and integrity.

MinIO is an open source Object Server, which can run in-house on a Linux, Mac, and Windows server and available for Docker. MinIO provides data storage via an S3 compliant API. This allows applications, such as DejaEdit, to store objects in private centralised storage, rather than to a cloud-hosted Amazon S3 storage device.

The ability to operate in a private cloud environment further adds to the security management features released in DejaEdit 3, where permission to access specific assets by particular users can be controlled via a management console.

DejaEdit allows multiple, remote Avid editors to work together by mirroring locally stored media and edit assets to the local storage of other connected systems, using secure, background transfers across the internet. It can also be used to exchange media with on-location DITs and VFX/Audio houses. 

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