BCNEXXT Unveils the Playout Playbook

Published: 20 June 2024

BCNEXXT Unveils the Playout Playbook

BCNEXXT has developed a new playbook highlighting their benchmark model for content playout and distribution. To maximize operational efficiency and return on investment, all media workflows should be part of a unified supply chain that incorporates linear, streaming and VOD silos within a single point of management. This holistic approach significantly reduces complexity and costly duplication. The new playbook,Transform Your Media Business", will help companies to understand why playout is now an essential part of the media supply chain.

To realize the full potential of this unified approach, BCNEXXT is reimagining playout with Vipe, a cloud-native solution that simplifies operations and cuts costs by up to 60%. Media companies can consolidate VOD, OTT, and Linear playout operations and leverage the full power of the cloud to scale playout on the fly, based on the complexity of the content. Vipe supports complex tasks such as resource-intensive multi-layered graphics, schedule breaks and live playout with 99.9999% reliability.

BCNEXXT can help benchmark a business to gauge the current state of operations and identify areas for improvement by determining such things as:

  • How many operational silos support distribution workflows?

  • How many versions of content are supported in the media supply chain?

  • What is the current channel-to-operator ratio for linear channels?

  • How many ‘makegoods’ are typically experienced in a week?

  • What is the best method to minimize distribution costs and operational complexity?

The goal is to achieve maximum resource and personnel efficiency, cut capital expenses, and provide agility and flexibility to create (and shut down) services. By reevaluating the approach and leveraging the power of technology, media businesses can streamline operations and remain competitive—all while ensuring maximum reliability.

Download the new playbook to take the first step towards more efficient and streamlined media operations:



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