Date: 07/01/2020

Zixi, the industry leader for enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over all-IP, and award winning architect of the Software Defined Video Platform (SDVP), today announced that January 7th through the 9th at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show the company will be featuring with Version 13 extensive new functionalities from the four elements that enable the broadcaster video network to be intelligently and centrally managed using software and integrated devices regardless of the underlying IP network infrastructure including the preeminent Zixi Protocol and 14 supported protocols, the Zixi Video Solutions Stack, Zixi ZEN Master, and the Zixi Enabled Network.

This revolutionary IP technology, adaptable to any future, allows complex networks to be consistently managed from a centralized Control Plane, deployments quickly and easily configured, and high value services rapidly replicated. Essential control functions such as monitoring, fault recovery and security are welded into every aspect of the SDVP, which can be deployed on-premises, through any cloud infrastructure or hybrid IP networks. Openness is a key tenant of the Zixi SDVP, fostering a vendor-neutral ecosystem that can be leveraged by broadcasters, service providers, OEMs and end-users themselves, enabling interoperability with any IP network, any protocol, any cloud provider and any edge device.

At CES Zixi will be exhibiting capabilities from the four elements of the Software-Defined Video Platform:

ZEN Master – ZEN Master’s cloud-based interface provides visual tools to configure, orchestrate, manage and monitor live and live linear broadcast channels at scale and across industry protocols.The sophisticated and customizable UI allows users to view channels, grid-based object and resource monitoring, and at scale channel visualization with debugging and root cause analysis. The powerful and flexible platform facilitates the configuration of notifications and error escalation, free form notes on Zixi Feeders, Receivers, broadcast clusters, sources, channels, and targets, as well as the easy cloning of channels and targets, event filtering by Access Tag, creation of sticky search fields and the configuration of panels to display on the dashboard and preview of individual renditions on adaptive streams.

ZEN Master further offers customizable granular reporting, including usage reports, status summaries, with up-time and outage reporting providing both customers and partners the key data necessary to enhance operations. Advanced automation and scheduling capabilities permit the organization and scheduling of repetitive tasks to streamline content publishing and broadcaster operations with increased operational scale, improved staff efficiencies, and reduced spend on cloud resources. Integrations with AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Azure enable users to connect, monitor and manage Zixi Broadcasters on their AWS, GCP, and Azure instances within ZEN Master, providing optimized operations.

Video Solutions Stack – The Zixi Video Solutions Stack provides foundational software tools and core media processing functions that enable broadcasters to reliably and securely transport live video over any IP network, any protocol and any cloud provider correcting for packet loss and jitter. Zixi’s software algorithms optimize the streams between the Zixi Feeders, Zixi Broadcaster and Zixi Receivers and work in concert to deliver live video over IP and Hybrid IP networks. Users can leverage Zixi’s patent-pending Hitless Failover techniques for 99.999%+ reliable transport between sources and receivers. Zixi’s Hybrid Network Sequenced Hitless Failover uses Zixi’s patent pending extension and improvement of SMPTE 2022-7 with industry leading package sequence alignment algorithm to create one coherent stream out of multiple stream fragments from multiple IP networks, internet, fiber, satellite, or cellular connections. Zixi’s Hybrid Network Bonded Hitless failover provides the capability to blend internet, fiber, satellite, and cellular connections from multiple providers to form a virtual bonded network that dynamically and intelligently manages the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections in real-time to choose the optimal path to route IP packets to their destination.

The Video Solutions Stack also provides broadcasters with enhanced tools to streamline workflows including live 4K transcoding and repackaging, Machine Learning based ePSNR to estimate encoded video quality, recording, time shifted delivery, and auto-slating. The Video Solutions Stack also offers network, transport, content and encoder quality analytics across IP networks and cloud infrastructures, further enabling broadcasters with analytical data they need to monitor business impact and optimize their operations.

Zixi Protocols – Zixi continues to advance the market-leading Zixi protocol while adding additional value to tangential offerings from other vendors, standards and open sourced initiatives as part of the open Software-Defined Video Platform. Machine Learning algorithms power Zixi’s next-generation transport streaming protocol, reliably assessing networking conditions in real-time to make appropriate predictions and trade-offs between bitrate, Forward Error Correction (FEC) overhead, and latency. These algorithms use numerous data points such as round-trip time, jitter, channel loss rate, burstiness, and more to determine the most effective data to FEC overhead ratio, while maintaining the lowest latency available. A reinforced learning approach improves the quality of the video while the stream is being transmitted; the longer the stream is going, the more accurate the network assessments are, and in turn a higher ratio of the data (higher video and audio bitrate) will be transmitted, resulting in the highest overall video quality. Video transport with the Zixi protocol is conducted using a multi-layered security approach such as end-to-end encryption using industry-standard AES and DTLS ciphers in order to provide the best-in-class content protection in the market.

In addition to the 10 protocols currently supported by the Zixi Platform, only available with Zixi ZEN Master Zixi is releasing later this year implementations of Multipath TCP, TCP BBR, SRT and the RIST Main Profile. By offering all the relevant protocols, Zixi is future proofing clients against any changing technology shifts. Additional features include MPTS to SPTS demultiplexing in Broadcaster inputs, sending elementary frames over multiplexed streams in the Zixi Feeder interface and support for re-multiplexing of streams with multiple PIDs on Zixi Receiver and Zixi Broadcaster outputs.

Zixi Enabled Network – Openness and interoperability are at the core of the Zixi Enabled Network ecosystem of over 150 OEM, technology partners and media service providers and 500-plus customers are transmitting live video between 80,000 endpoints in more than 100 countries. 50 new technology vendors adopted Zixi and became Zixi ZEN Master certified in 2019 in order to deliver world-class live and live linear contribution or distribution solutions reliably and securely to customers at scale around the world.

AppearTV, ATEME, Blonder Tongue, Edgeware, Elecard, Kiloview, Kontron, RedBee Media, Sencore, Socionext, Telstra, Telestream, Video Flow, Videon Central, and Vimond, were among some of the notable companies that partnered with Zixi in 2019 to provide integrated video streaming offerings to the broadcaster community. The company continues to invest in the ecosystem with dedicated resources to assist partners with development, testing, and proactive go-to-market activities to provide extensive visibility to prospective consumers.

“With over 450% growth from Zixi’s largest accounts and the industry’s biggest and most strategic companies, Zixi had a record 2019 as we continued to experience dramatic expansion and market adoption with traditional broadcasters, OTT Services, and content providers” said Gordon Brooks, Executive Chairman and CEO, Zixi. “Zixi continues to innovate and deliver global, scalable solutions never conceivable until just recently. Zixi is truly unique, allowing our customers to seamlessly use any type of IP Network, any protocol, any cloud provider and any edge device for the ultimate interoperability.”

To schedule a meeting with Zixi at CES please use the following link https://zixi.com/contact/meet-with-us/

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35th anniversary Posted: 29/07/2020
35th anniversary

Admittedly, it’s not the best time to celebrate an anniversary, but the occasion remains: Guntermann & Drunck GmbH (G&D) has been in business for 35 years and is considered one of the hidden champions of Germany’s South Westphalia region. The Siegen-based company develops and manufactures KVM products for extending and switching computer signals, and operates on a global scale. KVM systems from G&D are installed in numerous control rooms around the globe, for example in air traffic control centers, TV & film production studios, the chemical industry as well as in the energy sector.

The company was founded on 22 July 1985 by Udo Guntermann and Martin Drunck as well as Reiner Ruelmann. Today, the medium-sized company continues to grow solidly and employs around 100 people at its locations in Siegen, Germany, and Burbank, CA, USA. “We were already developing KVM devices before the technology even had a name" says Roland Ollek, CEO of Guntermann & Drunck GmbH. “Our company works in a niche occupied by few companies in the world. With our expertise in providing solutions and developing products close to both the market and our customers, we have now become one of the world's leading hidden champions.”

Tags: Guntermann | Drunck | G&D | KVM | Switches | Extenders | Matrix switches
Submitted by Guntermann & Drunck GmbH
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New mechanical arm visualiser from AVer Europe Posted: 28/07/2020
New mechanical arm visualiser from AVer Europe

Education technology innovator AVer Europe today announced a new addition to its award-winning line of document cameras, the AVerVision M11-8MV Mechanical Arm Visualizer.

Designed to capture in self-view or display various types of content from all angles, it is ideal for using as a USB camera for streaming or recording distance learning courses.

Tags: education technology; technology; education; visualiser; remote education; distance learning
Submitted by Aver Europe
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Tyrell appointed as a new UK and Ireland reseller for Telestream Posted: 28/07/2020
Tyrell appointed as a new UK and Ireland reseller for Telestream

We are proud to announce that Tyrell has been appointed as a new UK and Ireland reseller for Telestream; following a major restructure of their UK reseller distribution channel. Telestream’s award-winning video solutions allow you to easily create, ingest, transcode, caption, inspect, deliver, play and stream any type of video, while ensuring the highest level of quality end to end.

Tags: Tyrell | Telestream | Vantage | news | broadcast | cloud
Submitted by Tyrell
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ACCESS Twine for Car App Store launched to accelerate auto industry adoption of In-Vehicle Infotainment Posted: 28/07/2020
ACCESS Twine and trade; for Car App Store launched to accelerate auto industry adoption of In-Vehicle Infotainment


ACCESS Europe GmbH announces that it has worked with sister company NetRange, a leading provider of Smart TV App Stores, to develop a car-centric App Store which is now part of the ACCESS Twine™ for Car (Twine4Car) in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system. The Twine4Car App Store is commercially available now and is currently part of trials globally with major automotive OEMs and Tier-1s.

Tags: OTT | Streaming | Video | Audio | ACCESS Europe | NetRange | AppStore | Infotainment | Automotive | SmartTV
Submitted by Staff
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Quicklink meets massive demand for video-over-IP solutions during Covid-19 lockdown Posted: 28/07/2020
Quicklink meets massive demand for video-over-IP solutions during Covid-19 lockdown

The restrictions put in place due to Covid-19 have meant broadcasters and production companies have had to change the fundamental way they work.

The shift from an office-based to home-based environment has created an incredible demand for high-quality contributions from people around the world who traditionally would have attended studios. For companies such as Quicklink, an innovator in video-over-IP solutions, this has generated unprecedented opportunities.


Tags: Quicklink | video-over-ip | st500
Submitted by Videstream
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TAG Video Systems Announces Launch of Next Webinar Series - The Sequel Posted: 27/07/2020
TAG Video Systems Announces Launch of Next Webinar Series and ndash; The Sequel

TAG Video Systems Announces Launch of Next Webinar Series – The Sequel!

Scheduled to launch on July 29th, the series will address topics ranging from practices and practicalities of monitoring in an IP/virtual world to selecting the most appropriate hardware for a software solution…and everything in-between

Tags: TAG Video Systems | Multiviewers | Multiviewer technologies | Webinar | 100% SW | 100% IP | 100% COTS/Cloud | Probing | Monitoring | IP-Based Webinar | Zer0 Friction | TAG | TAG VS
Submitted by Desert Moon
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New IPMX Website From AIMS Is Now Live Posted: 27/07/2020
New IPMX Website From AIMS Is Now Live

The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) today launched a new website dedicated to the alliance's new Internet Protocol Media Experience (IPMX) proposed set of open standards and specifications. IPMX addresses the Pro AV industry's need for a single set of common, ubiquitous, standards-based protocols that ensure interoperability for AV over IP.


Tags: AIMS | IMPX | Alliance for IP Media Solutions | Internet Protocol Media Experience | standards
Submitted by 202 Communications
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Marshall Electronics Collaborates with BR Remote to Create CV-PT-HEAD Micro Pan Tilt Mount Head for Miniature Camera Line Posted: 27/07/2020
Marshall Electronics Collaborates with BR Remote to Create CV-PT-HEAD Micro Pan Tilt Mount Head for Miniature Camera Line

Marshall Electronics has joined forces with high-end pan/tilt head designer BR Remote, to design and build a micro P/T head, the CV-PT-HEAD, for Marshall miniature cameras. The new P/T head is compatible with all Marshall 500 series cameras including the CV503, CV503-WP, CV506, CV506-H12, CV565 and CV566.

Tags: Marshall Electronics | BR Remote | Miniature Cameras
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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Interra Systems Announces Tech Leadership Webinar Series Posted: 27/07/2020
Interra Systems Announces Tech Leadership Webinar Series

Interra Systems, a leading global provider of software products and solutions to the digital media industry, today announced that it will host a Tech Leadership Webinar Series for its customers and partners on July 31, Aug. 4, Aug. 7, Aug. 11, and Aug. 14. During the online events, Interra Systems' experts in media QC, monitoring, and classification will discuss the cutting-edge solutions for media quality and compliance, service assurance, and ML/AI innovations for broadcast and OTT professionals.

Tags: Interra Systems | Webinar | Tech | Leadership | media QC | Monitoring
Submitted by 202 Communications
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SES and Harmonic Partner for Transition of C-Band Spectrum to Enable 5G Posted: 27/07/2020
SES and Harmonic Partner for Transition of C-Band Spectrum to Enable 5G

Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT) today announced that it will partner with SES for technology upgrades associated with the SES transition plan filed with the Federal Communications Commission on June 19, 2020. SES and Harmonic will work together to fast-track this deployment, freeing up spectrum for 5G while simultaneously enabling SES's C-band customers to maintain the quality and resilience of their critical video services. This network transformation is based on Harmonic's powerful software solutions for satellite video delivery.





Tags: SES | Harmonic | 5G | C-Band | Video
Submitted by 202 Communications
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Prism Sound’s Lyra compact audio interface has been embraced by artists and producers signed to independent record label Hospital Records, with many of them relying on Lyra for transparent AD/DA conversion.

Based on the audio path and clock circuitry of the award-winning Prism Sound Orpheus, Lyra is the ideal cost effective solution for artists who want high quality conversion but don’t require a large I/O count. The unit’s portability and compact chassis makes it suitable for use in studios and on the road.

Tags: Prism Sound | Hospital Records | Lyra Audio Interface | Nu:Tone; Etherwood | Dan Gresham | Hugh Hardie
Submitted by White Noise Public Relations Ltd
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Journey to the Future Edited with NUGEN Posted: 27/07/2020
Journey to the Future Edited with NUGEN

Discovery Network’s Journey to the Future, produced by Storied Media, is a documentary focused on the behind-the-scenes lead-up to America’s historic SpaceX Falcon 9 launch. Several packages were also produced for use throughout the live broadcasts. Among the professionals who worked tirelessly on these projects was Re-Recording Mixer Michael Phillips Keeley, CAS, who called on NUGEN Audio to helpcreate the perfect soundscape.

Tags: NUGEN Audio | Post Production | Upmix
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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Drummer John Blease Brings Classic Neve Sound Into His Studio Posted: 27/07/2020
Drummer John Blease Brings Classic Neve Sound Into His Studio

Drummer John Blease has added to his studio equipment list with some choice units from AMS Neve – namely two Neve 1073LB microphone preamplifiers and two 500 series format Neve 88RLB mono microphone preamplifiers.

A professional drummer with more than 20 years’ experience, John started out in ceilidh bands on the west coast of Scotland before moving to London where he was soon in demand for tours and recording sessions. Currently the drummer in Robert Plant’s band the Sensational Space Shifters, he has also worked with artists such as Paolo Nutini, Goldie, Seal, Goldfrapp, Ghostpoet, Pete Tong, Jamie Cullum, Skepta, Ben Folds and the Heritage Orchestra.


Tags: AMS Neve | John Blease | 1073 Microphone Preamplifiers
Submitted by White Noise Public Relations Ltd
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Trams Ltd Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary Posted: 27/07/2020
Trams Ltd Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary

Trams Ltd, a leading value-added reseller and IT solutions provider, is proud to celebrate its 30th Anniversary this month. Established in 1990, Trams is a well-respected and proven supplier to a variety of blue-chip organisations across the media & entertainment, finance, education, oil, gas and energy sectors.

Tags: Trams | solutions provider | IT | hardware | software | cloud services | SkyBet | Apple | Dell | Cisco | Quantum | HPe | Lenovo | Jamf | Quantum
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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Entries Now Open for 2020 Rise Awards Posted: 27/07/2020
Entries Now Open for 2020 Rise Awards

Rise, the award-winning membership group for gender diversity within the broadcast technology sector, is pleased to announce that entries are open for its annual Rise Awards. The Rise Awards are sponsored by Clear-Com, Editshare, OWNZONES, Ross Video and Zixi.

Tags: Rise | Women in Broadcast | Awards Programme | Broadcast technology | Engineer | Business | Sales | Marketing | Technical Operations | Rising Star | Woman of the year | Clear-Com | Editshare | OWNZONES | Ross Video | Zixi
Submitted by Bubble Agency
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