RUSHWORKS to Introduce Industry to New VDX T-Bar Control Surface that Provides Manual Transitions, Shortcut Keys and Multi-Camera Preset Selection for Integrated PTZ Production Systems at NAB 2017 Posted: 18/04/2017

RUSHWORKS, a Dallas area-based software development company that produces cool technology for production, playback, and streaming, is introducing the industry to its VDX T-Bar Control Surface at NAB 2017 in Booth SL12713 to answer customer requests for a control panel that incorporates a T-bar for manual transitions with numerous short-cut keys for multiple effects. The VDX integrates with VDESK and REMO, the companys popular multi-camera production systems that integrate preset control of PTZ cameras, and RUSHWORKS unique PTX Universal PanTilt heads. Rush Beesley, RUSHWORKS president, made the announcement from company headquarters in the Dallas, Texas area.

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