Osprey Video Announces Talon G2 Encoder for One-Touch HD Streaming to Up to Three Destinations Simultaneously Posted: 24/07/2017
Osprey Video today announced an extension of its Talon hardware encoder line with the launch of the Talon G2. Like other Talon encoders, the Talon G2 creates live RTMP streams for unmanaged networks such as the internet. It offers all the performance and function of its award-winning predecessor, the Talon G1, but with new features that boost its utility and make it even easier to operate without intervention after it is configured.
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Clean Up Your Sandbox Posted: 16/04/2013

No one likes a dirty sandbox, and no one likes when their Mac crashes. Solve both of these problems with Boinx Softwares brand new SandboxCleaner, a new utility app that will leave Macs nationwide running smooth as ever. When QuickTime components are incompatible with OS X sandboxing, problems, like crashing, with many popular video and photo apps ensue. SandboxCleaner helps users find and disable these components, nipping problems in the bud and keeping your system up and running without a hitch.

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Snell Enhancements to Conversion Products Extend Performance, Quality, and Utility in Current and Future Workflows Posted: 09/12/2010
Snell today announced that it has enhanced systems across its line of award-winning motion compensated conversion products, introducing new features and capabilities that deliver the ultimate in quality visual results. For its industry-leading Alchemist Ph.C-HD standards converter, the company offers a new software release that extends format and metadata support and incorporates even more sophisticated audio and image processing tools. Snell has also upgraded its Mach HD by adding Dolby(R) E support and by enhancing the system's ability to handle content with fast-moving objects.

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