Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) installs Densitron IDS Posted: 18/05/2021
Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) installs Densitron IDS

Densitron, the global leader in innovative Human Machine Interaction (HMI) and display technology, has announced that Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM), has installed a comprehensive Intelligent Display System (IDS) from Densitron for its broadcast facilities in Kuala Lumpur.

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PAM makeover brings acclaim for BCD Audio Posted: 04/05/2012
PAM makeover brings acclaim for BCD Audio

PAM has had a makeover and its bringing acclaim and commercial success to UK company BCD Audio. PAM is the acronym for the Presenter Audio Monitor system, for use in the television gallery and on the studio floor, designed and built in the UK and being used increasingly in television and radio studios around the world.

Tags: PAM | BCD Audio | Mike Law | Presenter Audio Monitor system | television studio installations | gallery installations | audio monitoring | presenter outstations | radio broadcasting | television broadcasting | bespoke audio solutions | FPGAs | audio embedding | audio de-embedding | radio station webcasting | webcast system
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