Painting with Light Making a Great Impression Posted: 20/06/2017

Tegen de Sterren Op (TDSO) is a highly popular, hilariously funny slickly presented TV series on Flemish commercial channel VTM that uncompromisingly satirises and sends up politicians, celebrities and anyone else on the fair game radar ¦. all in the name of incisive entertainment by a very talented cast.

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Painting With Light Designs 2013 Jim TV Awards Posted: 26/05/2013

Luc Peumans of Painting With Light designed spectacular lighting and visuals for the 2013 Jim TV Awards AKA The Jimmies, staged at the Ethias Arena, Hasselt, Belgium, which celebrated some of the best musical talent in the country.

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CPL Creates Unique Video Special Effect for Party Posted: 23/01/2013

West Midlands, UK, based video and production specialist Central Presentations Ltd (CPL) designed and built a unique, high-impact interactive walk-in video effect for a large company party in Bristol at Motion nightclub¦. and also supplied video, media servers, content and projection equipment.

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Submitted by Louise Stickland
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