2wcom SAT solution offer flexibility in dealing with SAT or IP networks Posted: 26/08/2018
2wcom and rsquo;s SAT solution offer flexibility in dealing with SAT or IP networks

2wcom’s Satellite product range offers flexibility, reliability for the entire radio-signal transmission chain. Features like Dual Streaming, Pro MPEG-FEC or hot-swap power supplies ensure operation robustness. All devices are equipped with interfaces for SAT and IP/ASI to switch automatically to the best signal source available in case of failure. Since all common codec algorithms are supported, the appropriate one can be selected depending on the available bandwidth and the audio quality requirements. This homogeneous solution enables broadcasters to distribute a radio program nationwide and at the same time to schedule and transmit regional program content, advertisement or RDS data.

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Sadie In Record Mode For The ABC At The Falls Festival Posted: 25/02/2010
Sadie In Record Mode For The ABC At The Falls Festival SADiE equipment in the shape of the LRX2 location recorder and the PCM-H64 multi-channel recorder/editor has been at the forefront of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's recent recordings at The Falls Festival.
Held annually in two locations over the New Year period, The Falls Festival is one of Australia's biggest music events and this year featured artists as diverse as Wolfmother, Seasick Steve, DJ Yoda, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Moby. Chris Thompson, Steven Schram, Dave Manton, and Richard Girvan travelled to Lorne in Victoria to record 24 bands in the ABC's OB1 recording van, commissioned in late 2008.
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RAS Audio Services uses SADiE Posted: 18/12/2009
RAS Audio Services uses SADiE Manchester-based RAS Audio Services has highlighted the power and flexibility of the SADiE PCM8 for television audio production by using it on the forthcoming third series of CBBC's extremely successful 'Prank Patrol'.
Produced by Bakermedia in Manchester and scheduled to air from January on BBC2 on Saturday mornings, the 10x30 'Prank Patrol' follows the team of Barney and the Ninjas as they play elaborate pranks on viewers' unsuspecting friends and family. Mummies come to life, aliens land, robots bust through walls...all of which is a far cry from RAS Audio Services' core business of recording brass bands, choirs and chamber music.
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Radio France buys SADiE technology for mobile production Posted: 19/11/2009
Radio France buys SADiE technology for mobile production Radio France, France's public service radio broadcaster, has purchased three SADiE LRX2 portable multi-track location recording systems and two PCM2 laptop-based editing systems. The units will be used for mobile production across France to provide content for the broadcaster's seven national stations.
"There are things that make SADiE really easy to use, even by people with a poor knowledge of computers, especially the project, the clipstore and the slip modes in the playlist editing. For high-end users, the trim window is wonderful," comments Philippe Destrebecq, DPA/DLP/Responsable du support production at Radio France.
The SADiE LRX2 Location Audio Workstation has been designed to fulfil the needs of an ever more complex recording environment and to serve a wide variety of remote recording applications. It combines SADiE's proven high-quality professional audio input and output 'slither card' I/O modules with a tactile hardware control surface and the ability to use a standard laptop via USB2 as the host computer to provide a powerful and effective combination according to the particular application. The SADiE PCM2, meanwhile, is a non-destructive hardware audio editing system complete with SADiE Version 5 software. It provides the ability to edit audio professionally wherever the user can take a laptop running Windows XP.
"The LRX units have been used at musical festivals in Beaunes, Saintes, La Roque d'Anthron, and the theatre festival of Avignon," reports Destrebecq. "We're currently planning to buy three more of them in 2010 too to increase our coverage across the country."
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