MX1 Supports National Geographic in Spectacular Earth Live Broadcast Posted: 27/07/2017
MX1, a global media services company that transforms content into the ultimate viewer experience, announced today that its services were instrumental to the successful broadcast of National Geographic's 'Earth Live', a spectacular two-hour television program that showcased the Earth's greatest wildlife shot by some of its top wildlife cinematographers.
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National Geographics Licensing Portal Powered by Wazee Digital Core Now Transcodes and Delivers Content in True 4K Posted: 14/02/2017
Wazee Digital, a leading provider of cloud-native video management and licensing services, today announced that National Geographic Creative has upgraded its Wazee Digital-powered licensing portal to support 4K content transcoding and delivery to its customers, which include content creators, filmmakers, and documentarians. is one of the first portals in the industry to grant users the ability to transcode and fulfill 4K content automatically.
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Sound Devices PIX 240 Keeps Pace with Sprinting Cheetahs for National Geographic Magazine Posted: 07/05/2013

When National Geographic magazine challenged Director of Photography Greg Wilson to create a shot tracking a sprinting cheetahin the spirit of Eadweard Muybridges 1878 image of a running horsehe turned to the Sound Devices PIX 240 Production Video Recorder for the shoots dailies, monitoring and backup.

Combining the resources of National Geographic and the Cincinnati Zoo, and drawing on the skills of an incredible crew, Wilson and his team were responsible for simultaneously capturing motion picture images as well as high-resolution stills of the cheetah for use in the magazine. Employing a Phantom Flex high-speed camera filming at 1200 to 1600 frames per second (fps), the team zoomed alongside the sprinting cheetah, capturing every nuance of the animals movement as it reached speeds of more than 60 miles per hour (mph). For the still images, the crew used three Canon EOS-1D X digital cameras, shooting at its fastest speed, at full resolution.
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With Sachtler Around the World Posted: 19/07/2012


For over 15 years Director/Director of Photography David Linstrom has traveled the globe shooting non-fiction television for clients such as National Geographic, Discovery, TLC and HBO. To be successful in this kind of shooting, he had to develop a certain set of skills, and a sleek shooting package. Whether hes capturing images in 40-foot seas on the Southern Atlantic ocean, crossing the Sahel desert in Chad, chasing snakes in Malaysia and India or filming nudists in Brazil and Australia, one of his most important tools is always from Sachtler, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company. Ive been using their tripods my entire career, says Linstrom. And, Ive used a variety of different Sachtler heads. For the past few years its been Sachtlers Video 18 with carbon fiber legs, he explains. The combination is light enough to carry with one arm and sturdy enough to hold my camera package. From a heavy 2/3 camera to a DSLR, I can dial the balance in quickly and be comfortable and confident that Im making great shots.
Tags: Sachtler | Video 18 | tripod head | tripod | DSLR | Vitec Videocom | Vitec Group | Sony PDW F800 | Fujinon 4.5x13 | Canon 20x8 | David Linstrom | HBO | Discovery | National Geographics | National Geographics Channel | TLC | PBS | CBs | NBC
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Following the tracks of a grizzly Posted: 31/05/2012

Brutus, a nine-hundred pound grizzly, is starring in the first seven episodes of Expedition Wild, a new series for the National Geographic Wild channel. Executive Producer and Director of Photography Thomas Winston showcases wildlife expert Casey Anderson and his charismatic animal companion on an action-packed odyssey through North Americas diverse wild places. The shoots reveal a rare glimpse of the beauty and complexity of the natural world from the inside out by following Casey and his best friend Brutus. When Thomas Winston geared up his company, Grizzly Creek Films, for a new series of National Geographic Expedition Wild specials, he chose Sachtler, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, for support. He selected a line-up of three systems, including the Video 25 Plus, the Video 15 SB, and the DV 4 II.

Tags: Sachtler | Vitec Videocom | Vitec Group | Tripod | Fluid head | Video 25 Plus | Video 15 SB | DV 4 II | Thomas Winston | National Geographic | Casey Anderson | Varicam 3700 | Fujinon 42X | Canon | Speed Lock | DSLR
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Sound Devices 552 Captures Dynamic Audio for Nat Geo and War Elephants Filmed in Gorongosa National Park Mozambique Posted: 25/04/2012

When Sound Engineer David Ruddick was presented with the challenge of finding portable audio gear that would hold up in the rugged terrain and extreme climate of Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park for an upcoming National Geographic elephant documentary, he turned to Sound Devices 552 Production Mixer.

Tags: Sound Devices | 552 Production Mixer | National Geographic
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HHB helps FXUK and National Geographic make a smooth transition to file-based workflow Posted: 25/04/2012

The trend of broadcasters making the transition to a file-based workflow has been a long and considered process, one that Simon Brett, Director of Operations and Technical Facilities, National Geographic Channel and FX, has eased into with the help of Dolbys DP600 Program Optimizer.

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As a principal cinematographer on four episodes of the acclaimed National Geographic series, Great Migrations, Bob Poole,, captured intimate close-ups of Malis desert elephants a remote and dangerous herd that were difficult to film. And in war-torn Southern Sudan, tense battles between male white-eared kob (antelopes) that often fight to the death for the right to breed. Great Migrations is the largest endeavor in National Geographics 122-year history, and Poole was provided the time and resources to capture images that otherwise would be impossible.

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The Africa Collection Posted: 24/11/2010
National Geographic has launched a brand new luxury range of stylish camera bags and travel luggage, called the ‘Africa Collection’
This extensive collection includes everything you could possibly need for travelling with your camera gear, laptop and gadgets – from pouches to shoulder bags and backpacks right through to wheeled cases and duffle bags.
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