Robe Turns Down the Heat for MasterChef Algeria Posted: 21/03/2017

French lighting designer David Seligmann-Forest of Paris based Lite4Life chose ten Robe DL4S LED profiles to be right at the heart of his lighting rig for MasterChef Algeria, which was recorded in a new purpose-built studio and former envelope factory in El Hamis, a suburb of the bustling, vibrant capital of Algiers.

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Submitted by Louise Stickland
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Robe Provides Gourmet Lighting for MasterChef France Posted: 28/01/2014

Top French TV Lighting Designer David Seligmann-Forest for Lite4life again specified Robe products to light the popular reality TV show MasterChef France, series 4 of which was recorded at La Plaine Studios, St Denis, Paris, and broadcast on the TF1 network.

Tags: Robe | ROBIN | LEDWash | LEDBeam | MMX Spot | Pointe | RF1 | MasterChef France
Submitted by Louise Stickland
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Sound Devices PIX 240 is the Winning Ingredient for Hit Reality Television Show Masterchef China Posted: 22/01/2013

When the reality, cooking competition show, tasked Boxtop Studio Films Director/Producer Chad Grochowski with overseeing the design and construction of the set, contracting production equipment and international crew, and handling the post-production process for its inaugural season, he turned to Sound Devices, experts in portable audio and video products for field production, and its The PIX 240 helped Grochowski ensure the highest image quality possible for the program, a collaboration between Dragon TV, Shine UK and the International Channel of Shanghai.

Tags: Sound Devices | PIX 240 | Masterchef China | portable audio | video
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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