DoPchoice Intro Light Shaping Gear to Enhance New LED Lights Posted: 30/01/2019
DoPchoice Intro and rsquo;s Light Shaping Gear to Enhance New LED Lights

To meet the needs of the industry’s fastest growing sector, lighting accessary-maker DoPchoice will introduce new products at BSC 2019. DoPchoice innovations include gear for the latest LED offerings from KinoFlo, DMG, Hudson Spider, Astera, Quasar Science, BB&S Lighting, and Fargo, as well as the new extra-versatile RABBIT-EARS® X-Crossover mounting system that allows more sizes and multiple fixtures to be used with a single SNAPBAG® snap-up soft box system.

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Submitted by Lewis Communications
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Cirro Lite Highlights for the BSC Expo 2019 Posted: 08/01/2019
Cirro Lite Highlights for the BSC Expo 2019
Cirro Lite has got to show a number of new technologies at this year's BSC Expo.

New 12,500 fps High Speed Camera and Lighting

We will have the new Phantom V2640 Onyx, a 12,500 fps camera, supplied by Love High Speed. This is the latest camera from Vision Research which redefines the possibilities of creative HD High Speed acquisition. Increased speed comes with challenges in the area of lighting - hence we will be demonstrating the latest 30kW Long Strikes and LED systems from Luminys (Hollywood). Some of this technology will be on show for the first time in Europe.
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Submitted by Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd
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Kino Flo Lighting Systems keep expand high quality LED lighting range Posted: 27/10/2017
Kino Flo Lighting Systems keep expand high quality LED lighting range

Kino Flo Lighting Systems keep expanding their high quality LED lighting range, much of this range wil lbe on show at the KitPlus Show on 7th November in MediaCityUK ( Using the same state of the art LED controller for the Select LED line the fixture now can be moved out of its shell opening the whole new world of possibilities for rigging. The new model is called FreeStyle LED and currently comes in two sizes: 2 foot and 3 foot. The users can attach the panel to a lighting stand using the standard Kino Flo centre mount or screw it straight to the set wall with the help of an additional Gaffer Tray accessory. The light is colour tuneable anywhere between 2500 Kelvin to 9900 Kelvin temperature range and opens up over 2 million colour choices when using the industry standard gels or custom settings from the colour wheel.

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