Princeton Athletics Ups its Live Streaming Game with AJA Gear Posted: 27/02/2019
Princeton Athletics Ups its Live Streaming Game with AJA Gear

Emerging live streaming technology and platforms are opening up new avenues for collegiate sports to reach a wider audience, and in this respect, Princeton University is ahead of the game. The video production arm of its Athletics Department streams home games for more than 37 sports to students, alumni and international audiences via ESPN+, Stretch Internet and NBC Sports Philadelphia. Handling up to three separate destination feeds for more than 200 events a year, each with unique delivery requirements, is a heavy load to bear, but one that Princeton Assistant Director of Athletics for Multimedia and Broadcasting Cody Chrusciel and partner John Bullis manage seamlessly. The duo spent the last six months ramping up their production infrastructure ahead of the 2019/2020 season – building two new control rooms, a flypack and on-campus studio, with AJA gear powering routing, conversion, streaming and recording. An additional control room and studio are slated to come online in Fall 2019.

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