AIMS and NABA Announce Formal Agreement to Collaborate on IP Interoperability Posted: 05/12/2017
The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) today announced that it has entered into a formal liaison agreement with the North American Broadcasters Association (NABA). The agreement is a statement that these two key industry organizations have common objectives and perspectives about the technology roadmap for IP.
Tags: AIMS | NABA | Formal Agreement | IP Interoperability | lliance for IP Media Solutions
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AIMS Members to Participate in the SMPTE Annual Technical Conference Showcasing SMPTE ST 2110 Interoperability Posted: 18/10/2017

AIMS Members to Participate in the SMPTE Annual Technical Conference Showcasing SMPTE ST 2110 Interoperability

Tags: AIMS Members | SMPTE Annual Technical Conference | SMPTE ST 2110 Interoperability | AIMS Alliance
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Axon To Showcase Live IP Interoperability at IBC Posted: 12/09/2017
The move to IP in broadcast is keeping customers and vendors in our industry occupied. Whilst IP is now a reality, there are still many hurdles to overcome, not least fast and seamless switching, network management and IP control and monitoring. Axon Digital Design, celebrating 30 years serving the broadcast industry, will showcase interoperable IP workflows that address these challenges on its stand at IBC2017 (10.A21). Partners featured include Arista, SDNsquare, sonoVTS, Embrionix, Meinberg and Utah Scientific.
Tags: Axon Digital Design | Interoperable IP | Arista | SDNsquare | sonoVTS | Embrionix | Meinberg | Utah Scientific | IBC 2017
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PHABRIX-Nevion Interop Demos at IBC2017 Highlight Flexible Hybrid IP SDI Media Delivery With Powerful Quality Control Posted: 16/08/2017
Test and measurement specialist PHABRIX is partnering with Nevion, provider of virtualised media production solutions, at IBC2017 to highlight the interoperability of the companies' SMPTE ST 2110- and SMPTE ST 2022-6-compatible IP solutions. With the support of the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 are becoming the de facto standards for IP transport of media.
Tags: PHABRIX | Nevion | Interop Demos | IBC2017 | Hybrid IP/SDI Media Delivery | Quality Control | Integration | SMPTE ST 2110 | ST 2022-6 | IP-Based Media Transport | IBC 2017 | IBC 2017
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Cinegy Passes Huawei Media Cloud Interoperability Test Posted: 28/06/2017
Cinegy today announced that Cinegy's Media Asset Management System has fully passed interoperability testing with Huaweis Media Cloud Solution.
Tags: Cinegy | Huawei | Media Cloud | Interoperability | MAM | Cloud Solution | Cinegy Desktop | Cinegy Archive
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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AIMS Members to Present in IP Showcase Theater and Demonstrate IP Interoperability Solutions at 2017 NAB Show Posted: 25/04/2017
At the 2017 NAB Show, the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) will play a prominent role in the IP Showcase, located in booth N4824. This unique attraction will provide a unified, industry-wide view into the latest advances in internet protocol (IP) technology designed to add maximum value to the broadcast industry and the individuals and companies who drive it. 
Tags: AIMS | Alliance for IP Media Solutions | IP Interoperability Solutions | 2017 NAB Show | NAB 2017 | NAB 2017
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Artel Video Systems and Black Box to Demonstrate IP Interoperability at 2017 NAB Show Posted: 25/04/2017
Artel Video Systems, a world-class provider of innovative, real-time, multimedia delivery solutions has partnered with Black Box, a world leading technology provider of high-performance KVM, professional A/V signal distribution and extension and switching solutions, at the 2017 NAB Show to demonstrate IP interoperability and full KVM access for remote production. 
Tags: Artel Video Systems | Black Box | IP Interoperability | 2017 NAB Show | InfinityLink | InvisaPC | Solutions | KVM Access | IP Network | NAB 2017 | NAB 2017
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AIMS Members Contribute to Successful Interop at VidTrans17 Posted: 31/03/2017
The interop session, which was sponsored by Video Services Forum (VSF) and concluded at VidTrans17 Feb. 28 - March 2 in Los Angeles, showcased the viability of the draft SMPTE 2110 standard and AMWA IS-04 as a carefully architected IP initiative. The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) today announced its summary of a major industry interoperability demonstration involving the latest technologies for transporting uncompressed video and audio over IP networks. 
Tags: AIMS | VidTrans17 | Interop | SMPTE 2110 Standard | testing | multivendor | Alliance for IP Media Solutions
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Eurofins Digital Testing Announces the Establishment of an HbbTV Application Test Centre with the Support of Samsung Electronics Posted: 20/02/2017
Eurofins Digital Testing (Eurofins) announced today they will develop an HbbTV Application Test Centre in co-operation with Samsung Electronics (Samsung) for testing HbbTV Applications on HbbTV enabled TVs. HbbTV Applications are interactive applications that deliver additional functionality such as video-on-demand and are designed to run on TVs compliant with the HbbTV specification. As the lead supporter, Samsung will provide the initial TV platforms for conducting the compatibility tests. These platforms include an enhanced debug mode which allows the gathering of additional data to diagnose issues. Samsung will also provide technical assistance to the program to assist app developers to run their applications on Samsung TVs.
Tags: Samsung | HbbTV | Eurofins | Eurofins Digital Testing | Interoperability | App Testing | HbbTV App Testing
Submitted by Eurofins Digital Testing
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ARG Quarra Switches Selected for Media Networking Alliance Interop Demos Posted: 01/02/2017

ARG, designer and manufacturer of quality secure network tools and critical data transmission switches for the audio market, has announced its Quarra PTP Smart Switches have been selected for the Media Networking Alliance (MNA) series of forthcoming interop demos to be held at ISE in Amsterdam in February plus NAB, INFOCOM, IBC and AES in New York later this year.  ARGs technology will interconnect equipment from more than 12 other vendors using four Audio-over-IP protocols: RAVENNA, Dante, Livewire+ and QSC.

Tags: ARG | Quarra | MNA | ISE | Interop | Audio IP | ISE 2017 | ISE 2017
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AIMS AT IBC2016 Posted: 09/09/2016

IP Interoperability Zone

The largest and most comprehensive showing of IP interoperability in the broadcast industry will take place at IBC2016 in the IP Interoperability Zone presented by AIMS and the IABM, Hall 8.D10. The showing follows a number of interoperability events that have taken place this year, most notably the event hosted the week of 22 August at the Fox Network Center near Houston, where over 70 technical experts from over 30 companies successfully validated cross-vendor interoperability over IP. 
Tags: AIMS | IP Interoperability Zone | Alliance of IP Media Solutions | demonstration | IABM | technical standards | IBC 2016 | IBC 2016
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Dejero Brings Cloud-managed IP Connectivity and Workflow Interoperability to Amsterdam Posted: 14/07/2016

Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that simplify the transport of live video and real-time data across remote or mobile IP networks, today announced it will showcase the latest developments in its IP connectivity solutions for electronic newsgathering (ENG) and remote broadcasting at the IBC2016 Exhibition (Amsterdam, 9 13 September, booth 12.C56). 

Tags: Dejero | Cloud-managed IP Connectivity | IP | Workflow | Interoperability | IBC | IBC 2016 | IBC 2016
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Audinate Announces Availability of Firmware Update to Support AES67 Posted: 10/04/2015

Audinate, creator of Dante¢, the industry leading Audio-over-IP networking solution, announced the scheduled release of its firmware update that provides support for the AES67 audio networking standard.

Tags: audinate | dante | networking | dante networking | audio | audio networking | media | media networking | brooklyn | interoperability | AES67 | AES | 2015 NAB Show | OEM | NAB 2015 | NAB 2015
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Media Links Accepts Technology and Engineering Emmy and reg; Award for Contribution to Standardization and Productization of JPEG2000 Interoperability Posted: 15/01/2015

Media Global Links, the market leader in broadcast and network transport over IP solutions, graciously accepted a Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award for Standardization and Productization of JPEG2000 (J2K) Interoperability, at the 66th Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy® Awards ceremony, hosted at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas on January 8, 2015.

Tags: Media Links | JPEG 2000 | Video Over IP | Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award | Contribution to Standardization and Productization of JPEG2000 Interoperability
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RadiantGrid Highlights Support of FIMS Open Standard at IBC 2011 Posted: 08/09/2011
RadiantGrid Technologies, the developer of leading-edge transcoding, transformation and New Media Automation service platforms, will be highlighting its support of emerging open integration standards within broadcast and media production environments at IBC 2011 (Stand 8.D29).  This support is built around a continued commitment by RadiantGrid to ensure customers of multiple options for ease of integration with their local and enterprise media workflow environments.  As part of this support, RadiantGrid has joined other industry leaders in embracing the new Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) and European Broadcasting Union (EBU)-coordinated FIMS (Framework for Interoperability of Media Services) initiatives.

Tags: RadiantGrid Technologies | transcoding | New Media Automation | IBC 2011 | Advanced Media Workflow Association | European Broadcasting Union | FIMS | Framework for Interoperability of Media Services | IBC 2011
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