Alpha Sound Selects DPA for Famed Cathedral AV Overhaul Posted: 21/04/2021
Alpha Sound Selects DPA for Famed Cathedral AV Overhaul

St. Mary’s Cathedral is one of the most popular and beautiful Catholic churches in the Portland area. It serves as its parish’s diocese, hosting weekly masses, services and sometimes daily visits for a large, devoted congregation. The church needed to ensure its audio-visual equipment could convey its important messages in a smooth, intelligible manner—something that was previously lacking due its domed cathedral and marble walls. When it came time for an AV upgrade, St. Mary’s turned to Alpha Sound, a leading AV installer in the Pacific Northwest. With 40 years’ experience, the Alpha Sound team was ready to tackle the live acoustical issues at the cathedral while also choosing equipment that would not impede the church’s elegant décor. To accomplish this, the installer selected more than 20 mics from DPA Microphones, the largest DPA install to-date in the area.

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