Anton Bauer Introduces LPD Discharger At 2017 NAB Show Posted: 25/04/2017
Anton Bauer Introduces LPD Discharger At 2017 NAB Show
Anton/Bauer, the industry leader in mobile power solutions for the broadcast, film, and pro-video industries and a Vitec Group brand, today launched its all-new LPD Discharger. Developed in partnership with one of the world's largest rental houses, the LPD Discharger can discharge up to four 90 Wh batteries in three hours or less, helping customers comply with the IATA regulations that state that Li-ion batteries transported as cargo must be charged to no more than 30 percent of their rated capacity.  
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Studiotech launch quick deploy Mobile Production Studio Posted: 14/01/2014
Studiotech launch quick deploy Mobile Production Studio

Global systems company Studiotech have launched a new Mobile Production Studio system. In the field, the new system gives quick access to all the necessary facilities to manage multi-camera events such as news gathering, conferences, concert backstage coverage, sports reports etc. It fully complies with IATA transportation regulations of size and weight, and a major advantage is its quick and easy set up and installation.

Tags: Studiotech | Cabsat 2014 | product launch | Moble Production Studio | quick deploy | multi camera events | news gathering | conferences | concert backstage coverage | sports reports | fully IATA compliant | Sony MCS-8M multi format compact switcher | Sony PWM-50 XD CAM HD 422 card recorder/player | CABSAT 2014 | CABSAT 2014
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Primera Introduces First Automated Disc Publishers To Offer 1000-Year Expected DVD Archival Life Posted: 28/04/2010
dpse millenniata New DVD-R media and recordable drives are being promoted as "Write Once, Read Forever.™"

Primera Technology, Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of automated disc publishers, today announced its Disc Publisher Archive-Series™.

Archive-Series Disc Publishers incorporate new recordable drives and media from Millenniata, Inc. Together they deliver the world's first truly permanent data archival solution. Usable life of recorded discs is projected at an astounding 1000 years or more.

Instead of burning data into organic materials as on dye-based DVD recordable media, Millenniata's M-DISC™ media is constructed of stable, rock-like materials that are known to last for centuries. Once data is written to M-DISC media it can be read back on current DVD drives. Both printable-surface and standard non-printable M-DISC media is available.
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