Hunan TV Selects Shotoku Manual and Robotics Systems for New State-of-the-Art News Studio Posted: 03/12/2020
Hunan TV Selects Shotoku and rsquo;s Manual and Robotics Systems for New State-of-the-Art News Studio

Shotoku Broadcast Systems, a leading international provider of robotic and manual camera support solutions ranging from pan/tilt heads through fully robotic studio pedestals and floor or ceiling track systems, has announced that Hunan TV has installed a range of Shotoku systems in its recently opened 400m2 state-of-the-art news studio. Hunan TV, China’s leading free-to-air commercial satellite station that regularly tops ratings for its popular programming, upgraded the studio in keeping with its continuous initiative to incorporate technical advancements into its infrastructure. The studio, entirely equipped for 4K production and fully VR/AR ready, launched live on 1st October 2020, China’s National Day - a day of great importance across the country.

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Chinas Hunan TV goes S3D with Quantel Posted: 23/01/2013
Chinas Hunan TV goes S3D with Quantel
Hunan TV, China's premier entertainment television channel, has purchased a third Quantel Enterprise sQ fast-turnaround production system for its Stereo3D program production. Hunan TV, a division of the giant Hunan Broadcasting Group, has been a Quantel customer since 2008 when the broadcaster chose two Quantel Enterprise sQ systems for the production of entertainment programming. Hunan TV later upgraded to a full HD workflow in 2010.
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